Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What Counts as True Retro In Gaming

First off lemmie just say that Modern M-Rated titles Suck! These games contain way way too much Extreme Swearing and Sex. That's one reason why I'm a Retro Gamer. Plus,I Hate the fact that most modern titles are basically playable Hollywood Movies.

Anyway,What constitutes as True Retro in Gaming? Answer: Everything up to Dreamcast is True Retro Gaming. Everything else beyond is modern. The only execption is the GBA,which itself is a Retro Gaming System.

I don't care if The PS2,XBox,Game Cube,ect. are over 10 years old,they don't and will Never Ever count as Retro! They are instead "Older Modern". Sure the games from those systems may be "Old" but they ain't Retro. It's more than just the graphics and sound that makes a game Retro,it's the attitude. And the attitude of the games for the mentioned systems are Modern.

And there's the answer to the question of the day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

People We Need In The WWE Hall of Fame

Sorry for the long wait,I got writers block. Anyway,today,I'm gonna be making a Master List of Wrestling Stars who deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Undertaker (inducted by Vince McMahon) - This would a long time coming. Love to see The Brother from the Darkside headline a Hall of Fame. Rest In Peace!

Owen Hart (Inducted By Bret Hart) - Another Superstar people have begged for to be in the HoF. But Owen's widow,Martha,is preventing his entry. But in WWE,Never Say Never! R.I.P. Owen Hart!

"British Bulldog" Davey Smith (Inducted By Jim Neidhart) - Davey Boy Smith has achived so many great things in this sport. Also,The Greatest and Only Good Europeon Champion! R.I.P. British Bulldog!

Vader (Inducted By ???) - It's Vader Time! R.I.P. Vader!

Ahmed Johnson (Inducted by ???) - He's Still All Business After All These Years!

King Kong Bundy (Inducted By Ted Dibiase) - The Mountain who always wants a 5-Count.

Bull Nakano (Inducted By Alundra Blaze/Madusa) - The Only Japanese Woman to hold the WWE Women's Championship.

Bam Bam Bigelow (Inducted by ???) - Gonna Set The Hall of Fame On Fire!

Lanny "The Genius" Poffo (Inducted By ???) - The Brother of The Macho Man,Often Moved Like Peter Pan. Lanny Poffo Is His Name,A Future Inductee Into The Hall Of Fame! (I totally suck at rhyming).

Kane (Inducted By The Undertaker) - The Devil's Favorite Demon! The Big Red Monster!

"Brooklyn Brawler" Steve Lambardi (Inducted By ???) - This dude deserves to be inducted for his dedication alone. He lost 90% of his matches,but he stayed in the game regardless.

Brother Love (Inducted By Ted Dibiase) - The most Iconic Segment Host,played by Bruce Prichard! I Looove Youuuu!

William Regal aka Lord Stephen Regal (Inducted By Triple H) - The GM of NXT. An great wrestler,bit on the boring side,but still great.

Psycho Sid aka Sid Vicious aka Sid Justice (Inducted By ???) - He is the master,the ruler,of the world!

Lex Luger (Inducted By Sting) - This man really deserves to be inducted. He's a Legend!

Chyna (Inducted By Shawn Michaels and Triple H) - The 9th Wonder of the World!

The Big Show aka The Giant (Inducted by Mark Henry) - Choke Slam Country!

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake (Inducted by either Hacksaw Jim Duggan or Hulk Hogan - Struttin' N' Cuttin'!

Chris Benoit (Inducted by Rey Mysterio)- The Canadian Crippler aka The Wolverine. R.I.P. Crippler!

Rey Mysterio (Inducted by Chris Jericho)- 619!

Dean Malenko (Inducted by ???) - The Iceman! The Man of 1000 Holds!

Brian Pillman (Inducted by Steve Austin) - The Hollywood Blonde,Who's Also A Loose Cannon.

The Rock (Inducted by either Triple H or Steve Austin) - Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin'? It Doesn't Matter What You Smell!

Triple H (Inducted by either Stephanie McMahon or Shawn Michaels) - Time To Play The Game! Bow Dkwn To The..Bow Down To The King!

Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust (Inducted by ???) - Remember The Name Of.....Dustin Rhodes!

Tatanka (Inducted by ???) - The Greatest Native American Superstar!

James E. Cornette (Inducted by ???) - The Other Mouth of the South!

Miss Elizabeth (Inducted by Charlotte Flair) - The 1st Ladyvof Wrestling.

Luna Vachon (Inducted by ???) - I'd be nuts Not to add her at this point.

Tony Schiavone (Inducted by either Jim Ross,Mean Gene Okerlund,Larry Zbyszko,or Eric Bischoff) - The Leader of the WCW Announce Team.

Eric Bischoff (Inducted by ???) - The Presedent of WCW,Easy E! Brainchild behind The nWo!

Paul Hayman (Inducted by an ECW Original) - Ladies And Gentlemen,His Name Is Paul Haymen! And This Hall Of Fame,Has Just Gotten.....EXTREME!!!

Disco Inferno (Inducted by ???) - Disco Feaver! Disco Feaver! Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!

Barry Horrowitz (Inducted by Steve Lambardi) - Horrowitz Wins! Horrowitz Wins!

Former WCW Referee,Nick Patrick (Inducted by Eric Bischoff) - The nWo Ref!

Danny Davis (Inducted by Jimmy Hart) - The Original Crooked Ref!

Santino Marella (Inducted by Beth Pheonix) - A very funny guy.

Hornswoggle (Inducted by Dave Finley) - One of the funniest Superstars.

The Godwinns (Inducted by Hillbilly Jim) - Don't Go Messin' With Country Boys!

The Smoking Gunns (Inducted by ???) - Their Cowboys! One Bodacious,One A Bad Ass!

Demolition (Inducted by ???) - A Legendary Team! The Demo's Will Demolish You!

The Nasty Boys (Inducted by ???) - These Guys Will Nasty-size The Hall of Fame!

The Natural Disasters (Inducted by Jimmy Hart) - Splashin' and Smashin'!

The Outsiders (Inducted by Shawn Michaels) - Hall and Nash are Just Too Sweeeet!

The New Age Outlaws (Inducted by Triple H) - Oh,You Didn't Know! You're Ass Better Call Sombody!

The British Bulldogs (Inducted by Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) - God Save The Queen!

The Hart Foundation (Inducted by Jimmy Hart) - The Tag Team,not the Stable!

The Rockers (Inducted by ???) - Tag Team Specialists!

The Hardy's (Inducted by Lita) - Neither Broken nor Woken! Just Extreme!

The Headshrinkers (Inducted by The Usos and/or Roman Reigns) - An updated version of the Wild Samoans!

The Steiner Bros. (Inducted by ???) - Steiner-ized!

Money Inc. (Inducted by Jimmy Hart) - Everyone Has A Price For The Million Dollar Man,Especially Tax Cheats!

The Faces of Fear (Inducted by Jimmy Hart) - 2 Legitimate Tough Guys!

Harlem Heat (Inducted by ???) - Can You Dig It,Suckas?!

D-Generation X (Inducted by ???) - Are You Ready?! If You Aren't,I Got 2 Words For Ya....Suck It!

The nWo (Inducted by ???) - nWo 4 Lyfe!

Chuck Norris (Inducted by ???) - Chuck Frikken Norris!

Shaq (Inducted by Big Show) - Slam Dunk!

George Foreman (Inducted by ???) - Placing Foreman in the WWE HoF would be  1-2-Punch of coolness!

Jay Leno (Inducted by [likely] Diamond Dallas Paige) - Here Comes The Ivory Chin!

Ted Turner (Inducted by [ironically] Vince McMahon) - Billionaire Ted sans The Rasslin' War Room!
Introducing The Jake The Snake Award! A Very Special Award Given To Outstanding Superstars Who Never Ever Won The WWF/WWE World Championship. Named After The Greatest Superstar To Never Win The Big One,Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

The Participant's Are:

- Jake "The Snake" Roberts (natch)
- Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon
- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
- Owen Hart
- "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith
- Vader
- Bam Bam Bigelow
- Tatanka
- Lex Luger
- "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase (he never won the title legaly)
- Gorilla Monsoon
- Sting
- "Mr.Perfect" Curt Hennig
- Goldust/Dustin Rhodes
- "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
- Ahmed Johnson
- Ron Simmons aka Farooq

And that's all she wrote. Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments section. I have yet to finish my 1995 WWE Redo,but that's gonna take a while,so please be patient.

Until Then,Stay Gold,Spece Cowboys!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Top Whenever - Top 30 Favorite Sega Genesis Titles

I was gonna do a Top 30 Must Play Sega Genesis games. But,I've decided to do something a little better. Today,I'm gonna list 30 of My favorite Genesis titles.

The Sega Genesis gave me many great memories. It was my 1st 16-bit system and me and my buddy,Phil played the hell out of it. Plus,I love the music. The Genesis sounds are just so cool,so 90's.

Anyway,here we go with the list. Please note,that I'm only gonna list the games that I own and/or played. And as usual,this list is in no perticular order.

Honorable Mention 1 - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: My first Power Rangers game. it's just a basic fighting game,but I have fond memories playing it. Plus,you can play as Green Ranger and Dragonzord. Sweetnes.

Honorable Mention 2 - Michael Jackson's MoonWalker: The first game on this list that I've only played via emulation. As a fan of the King of Pop himsrlf,I couldn't help but to like this game.

Honorable Mention 3 and 4 - Revenge of Shinobi and Shinobi III: I'm kinda cheating because I can't decide which game I like more. These 2 are also games that I've played through emulation.

30 to 28 - The Streets of Rage Trilogy: Yeah,I'm cheating again. All 3 of these games are so awesome. The music is great,the gameplay is great,as are the graphics. Sadly,I only played these through emulation.

27 and 26 - Golden Axe and Golden Axe II: No more cheating,promise. Again,I only played these through emulation,i don't own copies. The first 2 Golden Axe games were awesome and are well worth playing.

25 - Afterburner II: Yet Another game I played via Emulation. I have the 3rd game for the Sega CD and loved it,so when my Sega CD broke,I downloaded this game for my Sega emulator. It's a pretty fun dog fight game.

24 - WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game: A game I rented and then played on emulation years later. It's a fun hybrid of Mortal Kombat and WWF Wrestling.

23 - Toejam and Earl: A true classic.

22 - Spider-Man and Venom - Separation Anxiety: The superior sequel to Maximum Carnage. Plus,it has Co-op mode.

21 - Toejam and Earl - Panic on Funkatron: Toejam and Earl in a platformer. Lots of cool memories playing this.

20 - Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition: My first Street Fighter title. This game let's you play the game in hyper speed right off the bat. Awesome.

19 - Mortal Kombat: Genesis does what Nintendon't. This was my first exposure to the franchise itself.

18 - Mortal Kombat II: Inferior to the SNES version,but still a great game. Plus,it has cheats.

17 - Mortal Kombat 3: Not a bad port of the Arcade original. This one,like the orevious 2 games,has cheats as well.

16 - Super Street Fighter II: My 2nd Street Fighter game. Lacks the hyper speed option,but still a great game.

15 - Sonic Spinball: Sonic and Pinball make an excellent combination.

14 - Sonic and Knuckles: Part 2 of Sonic 3.

13 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3: The first part of Sonic 3.

12 - Sonic the Hedgehog: My first Genesis title. Sonic became a favorite from the get-go.

11 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Greatest Sonic Game. Period!

10 - Mega Bomberman: Bomberman on the Genesis. The battle mode is the thing that made me love this game.

09 - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - The Movie: Get a Streets of Rage vibe from this title.

08 - WWF RAW: My first 16-Bit WWF game. Button Mashing fun! To fully enjoy this title,play it with a Turbo Controller.

07 - Roadblasters: It's Rad Racer with weapons. Cool.

06 - Columns: My first Genesis Puzzle Game. I still love this title,even to this day.

05 - Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: An awesomly fun puzzle game. Played this on emulation first,before playing it on the Sonic Mega Collection for the Game Cube.

04 - Sailor Moon: A japanese beat'em up based on Sailor Moon,one of my favorite Anime series. I played this through emulation as it was the only way for me to play it.

03 - Cool Spot: Owned the SNES game first and got the Genesis version years later.

02 - Vectorman: Like with MBM,I played this on emulation first,before playing it on the Sonic Gems Collection for the Game Cube. It's really tough,but really fun.

01 - Ristar: Like with MBM and Vectorman,this js another title I played on emulation before owning it fkr real as part of the Sonic Mega Collection. This game was really fun and is worth owning. Ristar was one of the mascot ideas pitched to Sega during their famous "Mascot Search" in 1990. Instead of being a Star Kid,the proposed mascot was a rabbit who grabbed stuff with his ears.

And there ya have it,my top 30 favorite Genesis titles. There's no denying the coolness of the Genesis. It really is a great system.

Until Next Time,Stay Gold.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Top Whatever - Top 30 Must Play SNES Titles

Not too long ago,I created a list of what I thought were 40 of the Must Play NES games. Well today,I'm gonna be doing one for the SNES. This is the Top 30 SNES Games You Must Play.

Note: This list is my opinion and if you have a different one,feel free to make your own list of SNES games. And this list is in no particular order. And,I'm only listing games that were released Stateside.

Alright,let's get started.

Honorable Mention 1 - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: A fun game with awesome music. The only downsides to this game is the lack of overworld exploration and the low difficulty.

Honorable Mention 2 - Final Fight: A really great game. Sadly,it's bogged down by it's lack of features from the Arcade original.

Honorable Mention 3 - Super Bomberman: A better version of Bomberman II.

30 - Super Castlevania IV: The best Castlevania on the SNES. Period.

39 - Star Fox: The first game to utilize The Super FX Chip. Why go to the next level,when you can go lightyears beyond!

38 - NBA Jam - T.E.(tournament edition): An updated version of the greatest Basketball game on the SNES.

37 - Mortal Kombat II: Solid port of the Arcade original. Plus,unlike the port of MK1,This port remains untouched gameplay-wise. Yup,the blood and fatalities are all intact.

36 - Super Mario World - Yoshi's Island: Fun and colorful with great gameplay. A classic for sure. The only thing that annoys me is Baby Mario's crying.

35 - Mega Man 7: So what if this game ain't like Mega Man X,it's still great. Plus,lots of homages to the previous 6 games.

34 - Mega Man X: Capcom took everything we loved about the NES games and improved upon them greatly. This game is a gem.

33 - F-Zero: The first ever Racing game for the SNES is also one of the best.

32 - Actraiser: Awesome Music and gameplay make this one an instant classic. The very thing that made me frustrated about this game are the annoying "Simulation" parts.

31 - Super Mario Kart: The game that started it all.

30 - Super Mario World: Super Mario busts onto the 16-bit scene with this gem. The ever popular Yoshi debuts.

29 - Super Mario All-Stars: A perfect 16-bit compilation of the first 3 Mario games and the Japanese Mario 2. This would the west's first exposure to the original Super Mario 2.

28 - Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest: The sequel to the Awesome Donkey Kong Country. Not as great as the original,but still worth owning and playing.

27 - Donkey Kong Country: The game that helped push Nintendo over the edge in the console war with Sega. This game had everything. Awesome graphics, Great Gameplay,and a Killer Soundtrack. Play It Loud!

26 - Super Street Fighter II: The best fighting game on the SNES. 'nuff said!

25 - Final Fight 2: The 2nd best Beat'em Up on the SNES.....right behind Turtles in Time.

24 - Gradius III: The greatest Shm'Up on the SNES. Sorry Super R-Type.

23 - Kirby Super Star: 9 games in 1. Kirby at his best.

22 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time: A vastly improved version of the Arcade original. Truely one of the all-time greats.

21 - Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past: Best. Zelda. Game. EVER! Sorry,Ocarina of Time,you'll always be 2nd best.

20 - Killer Instinct: Another Arcade classic brought to the SNES.

19 - Super Metroid: The definitive Metroid title. No other game in the series could/can top it.

18 - Sim City: For the SNES players who need a break from the action.

17 - Final Fantasy IV: A great adventure. Very difficult and not as great as 6,but still a great game.

16 - Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run: The Ultimate 16-bit homerun for Baseball gamers.

15 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors: A Cult Classic.

14 - Cool Spot: A fun platformer with fun music.

13 - Earthbound: A legendary RPG. The 1st game to be released here,despite it being the 2nd in the series. This game is tough,very tough.

12 - Actraiser 2: The improved sequel,with Zero Simulation parts.

11 - Pilotwings: Skydiving and hang gliding in 16-bit never looked so good.

10 - Street Fighter II - Turbo: A very good port of the Arcade. Plus you can enter a code to get you extreme speed.

09 - Wild Guns: the Ultimate shooting gallery game.

08 - Legend of the Mystical Ninja: Despite the stupid U.S. names for Goemon and his sidekick,this game is really really worth playing.

07 - Super Bomberman 2: This game takes the best parts of Super Bomberman and makes them better.

06 - Mega Man X2: Not as awesome as the original,but has much going for it,such as the Air Dash.

05 - Super Punch-Out: Arcade-style boxing fun for the SNES.

04 - Super Ghouls and Ghosts: Extremely hard game,that's pretty addicting.

03 - Super Mario RPG - Legend of the 7 Stars: Classic. Mario in his 1st RPG. Another game that pushed the SNES to it's limits.

02 - Final Fantasy VI: The greatest RPG on the 16-bit to Chrono Trigger.

01 - Chrono Trigger: Nothing I can ever say can do this Adventure of a Lifetime justice.

And that's the Top 30 SNES Titles you must play. Some of these are even on the SNES Classic Edition.If you haven't played these yet - Do So! May do one for the Genesis next.

'Till next time,Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Ideas That Might Just Help Save The WWE

WWE is in the Craphole! After 3 PPV disasters in a row (wrestlemania 35,greatest royal rumble,and backlash 2018) and RAW (and smackdown to a lesser extant) failing every week,WWE is quickly becoming Must-Not-See TV.

On the Main Roster,Stars are being missused and some even being ignored completely. Roman Reigns fails as both a Babyface And a Main Eventer. Plus we have Brock Lesnar,a part timer,as WWE Universal Champion. This dude rarely Ever shows up. And these problems are just the tip of the iceberg.

There's only one man to blame for these atrocities,and his name is Vincent Kennedy McMahon! Because of his inability to think right nowadays,The WWE is losing fans and viewers at breakneck speed and ticket sales are lower than they have ever been.

But,that's what we are gonna address today. Here are some Ideas I have that might just help save the WWE.

#1 - Turn Roman Reigns Heel and Bust Him Down To Opening Bouter: This is the first thing that must be done. As a heroic Ring Warrior and Main Eventer,Reigns is a failure. He's booed every time he appears and cursed out everytime he headlines an event. The best thing to do for the Samoan Super now is to turn him and demote him to Opening Bouter. He'll be in the first match instead of the final. Also,have Roman lose for a bit. This simple formula will help the Big Dog recover both his career And credibility.

#2 - WWE and NXT Women's Tag Team Championship: This one is desperately needed. Ever since the Women's Evolution,fans have been begging for a Women's Tag division. Why it hasn't happened yet? Blame McMahon's short sightedness. WWE and NXT have plenty of women who can form tag teams and start this division. Do It WWE!

#3 - Revive The Hardcore Championship (with the 24/7 Rule): It'd be wise for WWE to revive the WWE Hardcore Championship..and with it,The 24/7 Rule. It'll be a Smackdown exclusive title And be Intergender. This is another title that fans wanted to see return for the longest time. The revival of the WWE Hardcore Championship is guarenteed to generate ratings and ticket sales.

#4 - Give the NXT Call-ups an Equally Fair Push: The Main Roster hasn't been to kind to many many NXT call-ups. Though some have been lucky,most have not been,it all depends on whether Vince McMahon likes them or not. This practice Needs to stop. All NXT call-ups are great athletes and need to have a fair chance,and pushed equally too. NXT is WWE's future and if Vince McMahon continues treating the NXT stars like crap,WWE will Have no future.

#5 - Banning Part-Timers From Championship Oppertunities: A part-time champion is a terrible champion.Period! Part-timers de-value championships,like how Brock Kesnar is de-valuing the Universal Title. Most part-timers don't appear on TV or PPVs too often and we don't like that. We want to see our Champ's regularly. As soon as Brock Lesnar loses the WWE Universal Title,WWE needs to create a new rule Banning all part-timers from championship oppertunities.

#6 - Scrap The Scripts: This one will save the creative and writing teams headaches. Just tell the Superstars not to use certain words,jokes,or innuendos in their promo's and we're great to go. Keep things PG and/or Soft PG-13.

#7 - Cut Raw Back to 2-Hours: To Hell What Comcast Wants! We The People,We The Fans Hate the 3-Hour Raw! And while you're at it,cut your PPV's to 4 hours too. One Hour for the kickoff,the other 3 for the Main Show.

#8 - Reviving Starrcade As A PPV: Making the Starrcade Reboot a House Show was a Really Retarded Idea! Starrcade was meant to be a PPV anyways.

#9 - A Women-Only PPV: Another overdue concept. The Greatest Royal Rumble was Men-Only. So why not make the 1st ever Women's PPV a Survivor Series. It'll be the Ultimate Survivor Series.

#10 - Revisiting Old Match Concepts: In the past,both WWE and WCW had some cool Match Concepts. One such concept was WWE's Ultimate Survival Match,which was only used once and that was at Survivor Series '90. In this Match,the survivors of the Elimination matches return for 1 more Elimination Match. Another concept WWE only used once was the Wild Card Match,where 4 or 5 random wrestlers form a team andcstrive to survive. This concept started and ended at Survivor Series '95. Other concepts that can be revived are: WCW's Leathal Lottery and Battle Bowl and WCW's Doomsday Cage.

#11 - Ban Backstage Politics: Trust me,backstage politics hurt the industry..a lot.

#12 - Treat The Money In The Bank Breifcase Like A Title: Self explainatory. Things will be more interesting that way. Speaking of...

#13 - Tag Team MITB: I think It would be awesome to have a Money In The Bank match for Tag Teams.

#14 - Better Booking and Storytelling: Obviously.

#15 - Needed Changes to Wrestlers: There's just too many Wrestlers to list here. But a decent example would be Bobby Lashley. Instead of a laid-back babyface,Bobby should be a no-nonsense fighter. I'd call him Bobby "Bone Crusher" Lashley. I may make a complete list one day.

#16 - An Indy Superstar v WWE Made Storyline: A rehash of WCW's New Blood Storyline,but done better.Story will go like this: WWE's Indy made Superstars rage against Vince McMahon's treatment of them and how the WWE made guys are getting treated way better. They rebel and a war between the Indy Made Stars and WWE Made Superstars begins. The authority would be split as well,with Triple H and Shane McMahon siding with the Indy Made guys,while Vince and Stephanie would side with the WWE Made guys. Paige would also side with the Indies,while Kurt Angle would side with the WWE Made.

#17 - Mix Tag Divisions for both NXT and the Main Roster: A longshot,but wouldn't it be cool if the Mix Match Challenge was a normal thing? Definatly! Would make good television too.

#18 - WWE Queen Of The Ring: An All Women King of the Ring for NXT. The crown will also be treated as a Championship.

#19 - Listen To The Fans: Sometimes the fans are right on things,when they tell you that they don't want Roman Reigns as the Main Guy,they mean it! When fans want someone to be pushed,you guys push'em. It's Not That difficult!

And those are the ideas I have that might just save the WWE. And if Vince won't listen to me,than WWE is doomed!

Until next time,Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Top 40 NES Games That You Must Play! - Top Whatever

Ah,the Nintendo Entertainment System,the thing that saved the Video Game industry from the Crash of '83 and brought so much joy and memories for people everywhere.

So Today,I will be listing the Top 40 NES Games You Must Play. Note that this list is in no perticular order,despite the numbering. Also,these are just My opinions,so don't hate.

Honarable Mention 1 - Battletoads: This game is tough,very very tough. To this day,I still can't beat it (infact,I can't get by the turbo tunnel) This game's a classic though,so I had to add it. Plus,the soundtrack's nice to listen to.

Honerable Mention 2 - Bomberman: It's still a classic,even to this day.

40 - Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse: The best of the NES Castlevania Trilogy. It takes everything that made the 1st game a classic and improved upon them with Multiple Paths,Tag Partners,More Levels,A Better Soundtrack,and Multiple Endings.

39 - Metal Gear: A tough classic. The debut of Solid Snake.

38 -  Tetris (Nintendo): People are gonna beet the livin' sheeeeeet out of me for saying this but....The Nintendo Version of Tetris is Superior to the Tengen Version (despite the lack of a 2-player mode)!

37 - Ninja Guiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos: I feel that this is the best game in the NES NG Trilogy. It has more to offer than the first game and is overall a better experience than the 3rd.

36 - Double Dragon II - The Revenge: A sweet Beat 'Em-Up and one of the very few on the NES. DDII is a vast improvement over the 1st game,with better gameplay,cutscenes,and even a 2-Player mode. The best of the DD NES Trilogy.

35 - (Mike Tyson's) Punch-Out: A cool boxing game that's extremely fun and addicting.

34 - Super Mario Bros. 2 (the superior american version): Originally a Mario game,which got turned into Doki Doki Panic,then turned back into a Mario game. Crazy,huh?

33 - Super Mario Bros. 3: Returned the Series to it's roots and made many improvements too.

32 - River City Ransom: The first Beat'em-Up to feature RPG Elements. It's a tough game but kinda fun.

31 - Metroid: Nintendo's 1st Run 'n Gunner will Always be a must play NES title for Gamers.

30 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game: Despite lacking a 4-Player Mode,like it's Arcade Counterpart,TMNT II for the NES is Awesome!

29 - Legend of Zelda: Another classic. The first open world 8-bit title.

28 - Zelda II - Adventure of Link: A departure from the 1st game,but still a worthwhile experience.

27 - Kirby's Adventure: Kirby's first console game. It's also the debut of his Copy Abilities.

26 - Adventures of Bayou Billy: Super tough,with 3 gameplay styles: Beat'em-Up,Shooter,and Racer.

25 - StarTropics: An awesome Zelda-clone that Japan never got. Nintendo initialy made this game to strengthen their foothold in the American market,after seeing the Sega Genesis win over many American gamers.

24 - Mega Man 2: One of 2 definitive Mega Man titles. The MM title that exposed every gamer to the franchise.

23 - Mega Man 3: The 2nd of the 2 definitive Mega Man games. It's Mega Man 2,but Better!

22 - Ducktales: The definitive Disney/Capcom game. Woo-oo!

21 - Darkwing Duck: Another Disney/Capcom game that's a must play.

20 - Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers: See previous.

19 - Contra: Extremely difficult game,but too iconic not to put on this list.

18 - Pac-Man: A near-perfect port of the Arcade Classic.

17 - Donkey Kong Classics: 2 Classics in 1. Shame they never restored the Factory level in Donkey Kong.

16 - Gradius: This game and it's spin-off Life Force,are the best Shoot'em Ups for the NES. Gradius was also the first game to incorperate the famous Konami Code.

15 - Life Force: Spin-off of Gradius. Another great shooter from Konami. This game has a Cooprative mode.

14 - Final Fantasy: The very game that made Square a household name. Warriors,Revive The Power of The Orbs!

13 - Duck Hunt: The definitive Zapper Gun game! Period

12 - Crystalis: A really great Ys clone. Since the NES Ys titles never came to the States (or europe),this was the West's first exposure to this style of gameplay. Thanks SNK!

11 - Maniac Mansion: A weird,yet compelling,point and click game.

10 - Blaster Master: Another classic jem from Sunsoft.

09 - Batman - Return of the Joker: The best Batman/DC Superhero Game on the NES. Period.

08 - Mighty Final Fight: Don't let the SD style fool ya,this is one tough Beat'em-Up.

07 - Bomberman II: A great improvement over the original,plus this one has the famous Battle Mode.

06 - Monster Party: A super strange horror-themed game with a controversial history.

05 - Super Mario Bros: The original SMB is still fun to play.

04 - Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu: A tough,but fun action platformer starring Jackie Chan.

03 - Rad Racer II: A great improvement over the original. This one gets rid of that useless 3D mode.

02 - Vegas Dream: A nice little casino game.

01 - Kid Icarus: A tough game based on greek mythology. Sister title of Metroid.

And that's the Top 40 NES Titles you must play. Some of these are even on the NES Classic Edition. If you own an NES and have a chance to get these games (if you don't have them already),Get 'Em.

'Till next time,Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Renaming the Mavericks

Anyone who has ever played the Mega Man X games,knows that when Capcom brought the game over Stateside,they changed the names of the 8 selectable Maverick bosses to make them appeal better to a Western/American Audience. Now,these US names range from good to generic to just plain childish.

So,Just for fun,I'm gonna be renaming the Mavericks from X1-X8. I'll start with the Mavericks from the first X title. Note that,for information sake,I'll be listing the Japanese names of the Mavericks along with the American ones. The only exception will be if the American name is the same as the Japanese one.

X1 Mavericks:
Icy Penguigo/Chill Penguin to Chill Pengun
Spark Mandriller/Spark Mandrill to Spark Mandrillar
Armor Armarge/Armored Armadillo to Armored Armaroller
Launcher Octopuld/Launch Octopus to Launcher Octollery
Boomer Kuwanger to Blademerang Stagbeet
Sting Chameleao/Sting Chameleon to Sharpsting Chameleon
Storm Eagleed/Storm Eagle (I think,I'm gonna stick with the japanese name)
Burnin' Noumander/Flame Mammoth to Flame Mammophant

Now for X2:
Wire Hetimarl/Wire Sponge to Wire Seacumber
Wheel Alligates/Wheel Gator to Wheel Killagator
Bubbly Crablos/Bubble Crab to Bubble Craboss
Flame Stagger/Flame Stag to Blaze Stagger
Metamor Mothmeanos/Morph Moth to Scrapshot Mothmenace
Magne Hyakulegger/Magna Centepede to Magnetic Ninjapede
Crystar Mymine/Crystal Snail to Crystaler Snailoid
Sonic Ostreague/Overdrive Ostrich to Overdrive Ostro

Team Doppler of X3:
Frozen Buffalio/Blizzard Buffalo to Blizzard Buffalord
Acid Seaforce/Toxic Seahorse (I think,once again,i'll stick with the japanese name)
Screw Masaider/Tunnel Rhino to Driller Rhinox
Electro Namazuros/Volt Catfish to Voltage Catfissure
Scissors Shrimper/Crush Crayfish to Cutter Crayfish
Shining Tigerd/Neon Tiger to Neon Tigeray
Gravity Beetbood/Gravity Beetle to Gravity Rhinobeet
Explose Horneck/Blast Hornet to Blast Hornix

Repliforce of X4:
Web Spidus/Web Spider (for the 3rd time,the japanese name will be stuck with)
Split Mushroom (names staying the same)
Cyber Kujacker/Cyber Peacock to Cyberspace Peacrook
Storm Fukuroul/Storm Owl to Storm Cyclowl
Magmard Dragoon/Magma Dragoon to Blaze Draguma
Frost Kibatodos/Frost Walrus to Frostfang Walrus
Jet Stingren/Jet Stingray (for the 4th time,i'm gonna stick with the japanese name)
Slash Beastleo/Slash Beast to Slash Beastleon

X5 Mavericks:
Crescent Grizzly/Grizzly Slash to Crescentslash Grizzly
Tidal Makkoeen/Duff McWhalen to Tidal Whalord
Volt Kraken/Squid Adler to Megavolt Kraken
Shining Hotarunius/Izzy Glow to Shining Neonfly
Dark Necrobat/Dark Dizzy (the japanese name will be kept,this counts time #5)
Spiral Pegacion/The Skiver to Twister Pegasus
Burn Dinorex/Mattrex (for the 6th time,i'm sticking with the japanese name)
Spike Rosered/Axle the Red to Spike Radrose

The Investigators of X6:
Commander Yammark to Commander Dragosect
Shieldner Sheldon/Shield Sheldon (i'm gonna keep the american name this time)
Infinity Mijinion to Infinity Waterflea
Ground Scaravich to Earthrock Scarab
Blaze Heatnix to Blaze Heanix
Blizzard Wolfang to Frost Wolfang
Rainy Turtaloid to Rain Turtaloid
Metal Shark Prayer/Metal Shark Player to Steel Hammerhead

Red Alert of X7:
Soldier Stonekong to Warrior Stonekong
Tornado Debonion/Tornado Tonion to Voltornado Tonion
Splash Warfly (name's gonna go unchanged)
Flame Hyenard (the name's staying the same again)
Hellride Inobusky/Ride Boarski to Gangrider Boarski
Snipe Ariquick/Snipe Anteator to Sniper Ardvarkiller
Wind Karasting/Wind Crowrang (once again,i choose the american name)
Vanishing Gangaroon/Vanishing Gungaroo (for the 3rd time,i choose the american name)

The New Generation Mavericks of X8:
Gravitate Antonion/Gravity Antonion to Gravity Antonoid
Optic Sunfloward/Optic Sunflower to Opticlaser Sunflower
IceSnow Yetinger/Avalanche Yeti (keeping the american name again)
Bamboo Pandemonium/Bamboo Pandamonium (the american name is the way to go here)
Burn Kokekokker/Burn Rooster to Burning Roostar
EarthRock Torirovich/Earthrock Trilobyte (keeping the american name for the 7th time)
Gigavolt Dokragen/Gigabolt Man-o-War to Gigavolt Jellyfish
Darkneid Kamakil/Dark Mantis to Shadow Mantix

Well there you have it,my re-naming of the Mavericks. So,what do you think? What would you guys re-name these guys? Drop a comment below.

More stuff coming soon.

Until next tine,Stay Gold,Space Cowboys.