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Wrestling Facts 1

I'm back (finally,right?) and it's time for some more Wrestling Content. You probably are expecting WWE Redo:1995. Sorry,but I'm not in the mood to do that right now. Don't worry WWE Redo:1995 and WWE Redo:1996 will be done eventually.

Today,I'm gonna list some random Pro Wrestling Facts. 

When WCW Head Eric Bishoff visited Japan to check out some potential Japanese Wrestling talent,he watched an invasion storyline between New Japan Pro Wrestling and another Organization. That's when he got the idea for the nWo. Although it should be noted that the Invasion storyline was already a thing in the states. The USWA vs Smokey Mountain Wrestling storyline predates WCW vs nWo by a year.
From mid-1996 to mid-1998,WCW clobbered the WWE in the ratings.Mostly thanks to the nWo storyline. For almost 3 years,WCW was the most dominate name in Wrestling.
WWE were initially gonna have Bret Hart defeat Shawn Michaels and retain the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 1997 and then surrender the title the next night,before heading for WCW. However,at the last second,due to backstage politics,this idea was tossed away in favor of screwing Bret and having Shawn win the title. This became what is now known as the "Montreal Screwjob", the most infamous moment in American Wrestling History.
Jeff Jarrett was fired a day after McMahon bought WCW. In fact Double J was the very 1st WCW guy Vince fired. This was due to the bad blood between the 2. Had Vince McMahon kept Jeff Jarrett around,TNA might not even exist.

Though in recent years,the bad blood between Jarrett and the WWE has dried up quite a bit,as 'Ol Double J will be inducted into the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame.
Before there was the WWE Network there was WWE 24/7,an on-demand cable service.
Despite being a main player in the WWE,Scott "Razor Ramon"Hall,has Never been part of the Royal Rumble Match. Sure he's participated in many battle royales,but never the big one. Hall debut in the late summer of 1992,after that years Royal Rumble. In '93,Hall was the #1 contender for the WWE championship. In the '94,'95,and '96 editions of the Rumble,The Bad Guy was the Intercontenental Championship. Royal Rumble '96 was the last major WWE event Hall ever took part in,as he missed Wrestlemania 12 due to suspension and he left for WCW in the spring.
In a related factoid,Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall was also the Intercontenental Champion 3 Survivor Series in a row.
After the Ultimate Warrior went missing from WWE in the early-fall of '91,and then returned suddenly at Wrestlemania VIII,most people believed that it was Kerry Von Erich as the Warrior,due to the hairstyle and build. However,1 week later,we found out that the man who rescued Hulk Hogan at WM8 was indeed the Ultimate Warrior,just trimmed down with a haircut. An easy mistake to make.
Underfaker aka Ted Dibiase's Undertaker aka The Million Dollar Dead Man was played by The Undertaker's real life cousin,Brian Lee.
Originally,Bret Hart was gonna get his Championship rematch against Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam '93,howerver In a fit of pure selfishness,refused to drop the belt or even work with Hart. After a small deal with Vince McMahon,Hogan agreed to drop the title to Yokozuna instead.

Despite the title change,Hart was gonna go into SummerSlam as the challenger anyway,however plans quickly changed when McMahon found a New American Hero in Lex Luger,so he decided to give Him the title shot instead. At the same time,it was decided that Hart would face his,then-new,arch enemy Jerry "The King" Lawler at the event. Hart was a little miffed about this decision change,but decided to do what McMahon thought was best for the company.
Monday Night Raw is the Longest Running Wrestling Program in History. With 25 Seasons and 1,293 Episodes (in counting).
The 1996 MSG incident known as "The Curtain Call" was a 100% unscripted moment. After,then WWE Champion,Shawn Michaels successfully defended his title inside of a Steel Cage against Kevin "Deisel"Nash,both Nash and HBK shared a moment of friebdship. They were soon joined by fellow Kliq members,Hunter Hurst Helmsley (aka triple h) and Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall. I'll talk more about the Kliq another time.

The Curtain Call was a small good-bye celebration for Nash and Hall,who were WCW-bound. It was an emotional moment,that infuriated McMahon,who Hated off-scripted moments. Someone needed to be punished,Hall and Nash were leaving for WCW soon and Michaels was the champ,so Triple H was punished instead.

His punishment: Being stripped of the opportunity to win the 1996 King of the Ring tournament. This leads to our next fact.
Hunter Hurst Helmsley was initially planned to win the 1996 King of the Ring Tournament,however after the "Curtain Call" incident,the plan was scrapped. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was chosen in Triple H's place and won the '96 crown instead.
WCW's famous War Games match was the brainchild of none other than the late great "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan was the first to win the Royal Rumble match,it's true. In 1988,WWE held it's very very first Royal Rumble and 'Ol Hacksaw won it.
Bret Hart is the Only Wrestler in history to win the King of the Ring Tournament Twice,once in '91 and again in '93.
Bruno Sammartino is the longest reigning WWE champion of all time holding it from 1963 - 1971. And this was just his first reign. Reign #2 took place from 1973 - 1977.
The Late Fabulous Moolah is the longest reigning WWE Women's Champion. Reighning from 1956 - 1984. Now Thats A Long Time!
The WWE Women's title was retired in 1990,with Rockin' Robin being the last champion. It wouldn't be until the very end of 1993,when the Women's division would be revived and a new Women's title would be created.

Alundra Blaze aka Madusa was the first champion of that revived division. The Women's division would die again in late-1995 thanks to Madusa leaving WWE for WCW...with the WWE Women's championship. And as we remember,She dumped the belt in a garbage can live on Monday Nitro.

The women's division would get yet Another revival in 1998,with Jacqueline being the first champ.
Kane is not really related to the Undertaker,they Are good buddies however.
Time to explain Fake Diesel and Fake Razor. McMahon wanted to (stupidly) prove to the world that WWE owned the rights to the Diesel and Razor Ramon characters,so they hired 2 guys to play the parts. Glenn Jacobs as "Diesel" and Rick Bognar as "Razor Ramon". This stunt was to be Incorporated into the Disgruntled Jim Ross storyline,where Good 'Ol JR would've turned heel and openly oppose Vince McMahon. This storyline was quickly dropped and the Fakes worked independently.

Originally the Fakes were only gonna stay for a month or so,but were needed to stay longer so that WWE could sell unsold Diesel and Razor Ramon figures,which were repackaged as 2-packs.

Meanwhile,back in Dubya-See-Dubya,After seeing this stunt for himself,WCW President Eric Bischoff quickly signed Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (the original 2 guys who had the razor and diesel gimmicks,respectively) to long-term contracts.

The 2 Fakes left the WWE in April of 1997. So,what happened to them anyway? Both fakes would later appear in the USWA,first as partners,then as rivals.

While,Rick "Fake Razor"Bognar would be rejected by the WWE,his partner,Glenn "Fake Diesel"Jacobs would be repackaged in the fall of ' Kane!
Ron Simmons aka Farooq aka Mr.Damn was the very first Black WCW Champion.
In 1986,Jake "the Snake" Roberts was primed to be one of then WWE Champion Hulk Hogan's greatest enemy and was even gonna battle Hogan for the title. However,thanks to the fans liking him,these plans were scrapped and Roberts was turned babyface.
The Big Show aka The Giant was the least experienced WCW Champion. Winning the title just 2 months after his debut. He was also WCW's youngest and heaviest champion. Winning the title at 23 years old,weighing in at 500lbs.
Hulk Hogan debut in the WWE in 1979,but was fired in 1981 after going against Vince McMahon Sr's wishes and doing Rocky III. Vince Sr. didn't want his Wrestlers in other forms of Entertainment. His son,Vince Jr, felt differently. So in 1983,Vince McMahon,the now owner of WWE,rehired hogan and turned him into the face of not only the company,but of Professional Wrestling as a whole.

On a fun little note,it was on the set of Rocky III where Hulk Hogan and Mr.T met and became good friends (and eventually one-time tag partners).
WWF owned WCW before the Monday Night Wars. As a way to grab more power,In 1984,Vince McMahon bought majority stake in WCW (then georgia championship wrestling's) and aquired their timeslot. This didn't go over well with neither the fans nor the GCW Wrestlers. This insident was called Black Saturday,due to the show airing on Saturdays.

For almost a year,WWE ran GCW..into the ground and Almost to into hell. Ted Turner had had enough and started to hate Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon,seeing the company as a failure (though he never blamed himself for it),was looking for someone to take it off his hands.

Jim Crockett Jr.,President of the National Wrestling Allience and Owner of Jim Crockett Promotions,agreed to perchace Georgia Championship Wrestling from Vince for 1 Million Dollars. After buying GCW,he added it to the NWA. Crockett then renamed the promotion to World Championship Wrestling. By 1988,Crockett sold the company to Ted Turner,who withdrew it from the NWA.

This incedent lead to the McMahon/Turner fued...which evolved into The Monday Night Wars.
The Bushwackers were once the Sheepherders,a vicious and nasty tag team,who loved injuring opponents. However,when they went to the WWE,those vicious and nasty tendancies were replaced with fun and comedic ones.
WCW's downfall came in January of 1999. First it was the backfiring of Tony Schiavone,under Eric Bischoff's orders,giving away the results of Raw. And then it was the infamous "Fingerpoke of Doom" in the main event.

From that day forward,Wrestling Fans lost trust in WCW and even abandoned it all together.

Well,that's all for now. But don't worry. I'll have more Wrestling Facts for you guys in the future.

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I know it's been weeks since the kast post,but I'm working on something really big. So big that it's gonna be awhile until it's complete. I have little planned in the meantime (in terms if quick posts) so bear with me.

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Game Challenges: Pokemon

Every now and again a Retro Gamer (or any gamer,for that matter) feels the need to Breath new life into their old games. They do this by challenging themselves. Challenging themselves by creating their own way to play.  Well, I'm no different and today, I'm gonna list some Video Game challenges for the Pokemon titles.

- 1 Type: In this challenge, the player can only capture/choose 1 pokemon of each type and stick with them for the rest of the game. Ex: If you choose to capture Pidgey,you will Not be allowed to capture Any more flying types. So choose Wisely!

Evolutions are ok,though. So if you evolve Magikarp into Gyarados and already have a flying type Pokemon,it's perfectly fine. Also,in regards to Pokemon with duel typing,similar rules apply.

However,duel type pokemon can only serve as one type on your team. Ex. If you want a Jynx you must either forgo catching a psychic type or an ice type. If you get Jynx and lack a psychic type,but already have an ice type,Jynx must act as your teams psychic pokemon.
- The Mighty 6: You can only Capture any 5 Pokemon (the 6th pokemon is the starter) and use them for your permanent team. You are Not allowed to capture any other Pokemon once the Roster is full. And,If you get a Gift Pokemon and your Roster is full,you must keep that Pokemon in the PC. Trades are not ok.

Choose your Monsters Wisely.
- Peter Pan Attitude: Capture your Pokemon in it's base form and Don't Ever Evolve It. And, No, You can't capture The Evolved forms. Trades are also forbidden.

You Can, however, capture Pokemon that Have no evolution (like far'fetched).
- Nuzlocke Challenge: I'd thought I'd mention this. This is a harsh challenge with limited options. Any Pokemon that faints is "dead",and must be released. Plus, The first Pokemon to appear in a single area (route, cave, town, etc.) is the only one you can capture in that area, unless you've already captured it.

To add a bit more emotion to this chalienge,you can also nickname your Pokemon. This part is optional,though.
- The Type Disadvantage Victory Challenge: Fight and Beat The Rival, The Gym Leaders,AND The Elite 4 using Pokemon that have a type disadvantage against their Pokemon (ie, using a machoke against sabrina's kadabra or pitting your poliwrath against your rivals exeggutor).
- 101 Run: A Classic Challenge. Capture Every Pokemon Available, Get Every Item, Fight Every Opponent, and Make All In-Game Trades.
- No Flash, No Fair: Navigate through Dark Caves without Using Flash.
- Pika Pals: Play through the game WITHOUT storing Pikachu into the PC. You must keep it in your party at all times and battle with it very often. You also must Keep it alive and Healthy. If it faints, revive it as soon as possible.

Pokemon Yellow Only!
- 1-Type Team Challenge: Create a team of Pokemon of the same type and beat the gane with said team.
- The 3 Amigos Challenge: Create a 3 Pokemon Team. You can capture others, but those monsters must be put into the PC. Team Switching is allowed (for obvious reasons).

Well,that's all of the Pokemon Challenges I can come up with. If I come up with anymore,I'll let you know. Anyway,hope you guys try out the Pokemon challenges tgat I layed out? May posts some Mega Man challenges next time I decide to do one of these.

Thanks for reading and Stay Gold.

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Major Update aka Where's The Content!?

Real Life Really Really Sucks! It's also the reason I've been posting less lately. I'm gonna try to find some time in my new schedule to do stuff online. I'll get chances to do things,so don't worry.

I've recently also come down with some Block,so I don't have any idea what to do next. Anyway,I ask everyone to be patient with me. Trust me,I'm Far from finished with my blogs. Content will be frequent,once I get the time.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

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First,lemmie apologize once again for the lack of updates,been very very busy lately. Same for the lack of activity in general. Been dusy with RL and my other blogs.

Also,because of this,Retro Gamer Weekdays will be put on Indefinite Hiatus. (reviews aren't my strong suite anyway).

Anyway,this blog will remain inactive until early-next year. But,you can check out my other blogs or revisit some of Retro Talk's other post in the meantime. Trust me,I'm gonna have a lot of awesome things for you guys next year. So Until then,

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RGW - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

With all the love,I've been givin' the NES lately,I figured it was time to switch things up abit and give the ol' Game Boy some love.

Super Mario Land was one of the GB's launch titles. You play as Mario,who's on a mission to rescue Princess Daisy from the evil Space Monster,Tatanga.

The game's pretty much a portable version of SMB1,except shorter and with Shoot 'em up levels. Those levels definatly add to the replay value.

The Fire Flower has been replaced with the Super Ball Flower.These new flowers allow Mario to shoot Bouncing Super Balls.

The 1-Up Mushroom has been replaced with a Heart. Why a Heart? Ask Nintendo!

SML also features a Bonus Game at the end of every level,where you can get extra lives or a Super Ball Flower.

The characters and some platforms are a bit small,so they can be hard to see. The perfect remedy for this is to play it on a Super Game Boy or a Game Boy Player.

Controls are a bit on the slow side and platforming isn't as fun as it should be. Because of these factors,SML is difficult,though thanfuly not "Pain-In-The-Ass" hard.

Still,with that said,The game is actually enjoyable and has decent replay value thanks to the Shooter Levels.

Overal,Super Mario Land for the Game Boy is a decent title. A decent title with an awesome sequel.

Retro Talk gives Super Mario Land a 7/10.

Mariomania's Running Wild!

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Retro Gamer Weekdayz - Super Mario Bros.3

King Bowser Koopa has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom with 7 Koopa Kids and a nasty plan. Bowser sends his Koopa Kids to hijack the 7 great continents of the Mushroom World. Princess Peach Toadstool quickly summons the Super Mario Bros to save the world.

Super Mario Bros.3 for the NES plays like Mario 1 and Lost Levels,except this time there's an overworld and lots of new Power-Ups. Speaking of,You can equip auxillery power-ups you acquire from various places via the Overworld items menu.

Anyway,each continent (or world) has it's own unique theme and challenges. At the end of the first 7,you'll take on one of the Koopa Kids on their Airships. After beating the Koopa Kids you'll head to Dark Land,home of King Bowser Koopa.

The difficuly of each stage varies,but generally,most levels aren't that hard. With some practice,you'll be able to lick this title in one sitting. The most difficult stages are within the Final 3 Worlds.

As mentioned earlier,the core gameplay from SMB1 and SMBLL returns. Nintendo also brought back the classic items such as the Super Mushroom,Fire Flower,Starman,and 1-Up Mushroom.

But with new game,comes new items,and SMB3 don't dissapoint. We have the Super Leaf,that allows you to fly after getting a running start; The Frog Suit,which allows you to swim faster;The Tanooki Suit,which is just the Super Leaf that gives you the ability to turn into a statue; The Hammer Suit allows you to throw hammers...and defeat enemies who are immune to fire.

The P-Wing,which allows you to fly without a runing start. Though it only lasts 1 stage,so use it wisely. There's the 1-time only Kuribo/Goomba Shoe,which allows you to stomp the unstompable; Jugem's/Lakitu's Cloud,which allows you to skip most levels; And finally,the Warp Whistle,which allows you to access the Warp Zone.

As usual if you Collect 100 coins,you get an extra life. You can also earn extra lives by collecting 3 course panels at the end of most levels,getting a perfect in the roulette match game,and by matching the 1-Up cards in the N-Card Game.

Now let's talk Bonus games. There are 2: The Roulette Match Game and the N-Card Game. The N-Card game allows you to get extra lives and auxillery items by matching cards. You only get 2 tries at this. But not to worry,you can try again when the N-Card panel appears again.

The Roulette Match game is what it sounds. Match up the picture and get extra lives. Like with the course panels,How many lives you get depends on which pic you match up.

Toad Houses appear in the first 7 Worlds. Visit for auxillery items. Toad Houses can only be visited once,just to let you know.

There's also The Wondering Hammer Bros. If you manage to beat them,they'll drop item chests.

Controls are pretty solid. And if you've played the prior games in the series,mastering the controls should be a cakewalk. The sound is good and the Music is nice and memorable. The graphics are a step down from SMB2,but still good.

Replay value is pretty damn good too. Many of the stages are fun to play...and race through. The N-Card mini-game is also fun.

The only major gripe I have with this game is that you can't replay past stages. Other than that,I love this title.

Bottom line,Super Mario Bros.3 is a truly legendary game. I can't recommend it enough.

Retro Talk gives Super Mario Bros.3 for the NES a 9/10.