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Various Factoids About Mega Man

To celebrate the Blue Bomber's 30th Anniversary,here is a collection of Factoids reguarding the Franchise and it's Characters.

Anyway,let's get started.

Mega Man 1 was made by Capcom under Keiji Inafune,who was still a rookie at the time. Because Inafune wanted a more detailed game,he decided to make Mega Man blue..this was due to the NES color pallete having more Blues.
During development of Mega Man 1,everyone at Capcom Japan was having a bit of trouble coming up with a name for the game and it's title character. They eventually came up with these names: Mighty Kid,Knuckle Kid,Battle Kid,and Rainbow Warrior Rockman. They chose tbe 4th name,but shortened it to just Rockman. The rainbow part comes from Mega Man's ability to change colors every time he equips a Master Weapon.
There were a few unused ideas that never made it to the first game. There were plans include 8 Robot Masters instead of just 6. An Aquatic Robot Master and the Legendary Bond Man ended up being scrapped. Bond Man's weapon would've stopped ennemies in their tracks. This attribute was given to Ice Man's weapon in the game. Both bots were dropped due to limited cart space.
Also,the MM1 story was gonna be a bit longer. After defeating the Robot Masters,Rock would return home and Dr.Light would inform him that Roll was captured by Wily. Rock would've stormed Wily's lab to stop the mad scientist and rescue his robo-sis. During those final stages,Rock would've battled Roll,who would've been converted into a Giant Mech. These story ideas were dropped quickly.
Thanks to Capcom USA not understanding Japanese Fiction Naming Customs,Rockman was changed to Mega Man in the U.S. See,the reason why Rockman is named Rockman,is because his civilian name is Rock. Obviously,Capcom USA didn't get this and changed the name. Plus,they thought Rockman sounded wimpy.
Due to a very short deadline,Capcom USA had less than a few hours to create the American Box Art for MM1. And so Bad Box Art Mega Man #1 was born.
Capcom Japan didn't want a Mega Man 2 at all,but Keiji Inafune still felt that the series had life. So he struck a deal with his superiors,and they agreed to let him make the game,if he and his team worked on it in their own spare time. Inafune agreed and Mega Man 2 was eventually created.
There were some concepts that never made it into MM2. Once such concept was that Mega Man could burn the trees in Wood Man's level if he used Atomic Fire on them. It was scrapped due to software limitations. Another concept was that the Piko-Piko Master battle was gonna be much harder,with the boss taking away floor space.

Another unused concept was the Player Select option,where you can choose either Mega Man or Roll.
Also in MM2,A Metool Generator was created,but for some reason went unused. It can still can be found within the games Data,though.
Mega Man 2 was also the first game to feature a Boss Design contest. Unfortunatly,it was Japanese exclusive.
The 1st Dr.Wily Stage of MM2 has the most Popular track on the Soundtrack.
There are 2 very famous Japanese Music Video tributes to MM2,'Okkusenmon' and 'I Can't Beat Airman'. Both are cool to listen too.
The U.S. Version of 2 had a difficulty selection. This was put in place to help American Gamers get into Mega Man. Normal is the easy mode. While Difficult is the True normal mode.
Journey's song Faithfully sounds similar to Elecman's music. Listen to Both Songs and you'll hear.
Did you know that Mega Man was loosely based on Astroboy. Both are robots created by a kindly scientist and fight evil. Plus in MM1's ending,Rock has a similar haircut to the legendary Anime Hero. And,to add on to that,Mega Man was originally gonna be an Astroboy game,but Capcom lost the licence.
Believe it or not,Tuxedo Mask is very similar to Protoman. They Both look basic,yet cool. They have pre-entrance gimmicks(proto has his whistle and tuxy has his roses). And They are always there to save the Main Hero of the series.(sailor moon and mega man).
Mega Man and Protoman are loosly based on Speed Racer and his older brother,Racer X. Proto and Racer X are the long lost older brothers of Mega and Speed respectively,who disappeared after an accident. Plus,both Racer X and Proto are mysterious and they save their younger brothers.
Various Mega Man characters have made cameo apperences in other Retro Capcom Games.

Mega Man,Roll,and Rush make a small cameo apperence in Super Gem Fighter. Also making a Cameo is Mega Man X,Zero,and Iris.

In Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter,there is a Mega Man banner in the mall stage. In that same stage a person in a Mega Man costume is surrounded by a crowd of people.

In Megaman Legends 2. Ice Man and Kalinka are pictured on some Manga. Best of all,in the bar is a TV showing a Rockman Anime. Also,In one of the Mega Man Battle Network games,there's a poster of Duo(i think in lans room).
Felicia and Mega Man must be friends,because In Super Gem Fighter,she uses his moves. In this brief cosplay,the Night Warrior can attack with a Short-Range Mega Buster Shot and has a Slide Kick.
Mega Man 3 has a host of unused and altured content. For example: There is minor evidence to suggest that Wily Stages 4 and 5 in Mega Man 3,were supposed to be a single stage. The biggest givaway is the fact that the Boss Rush and the Wily Battle take place in different stages,unlike the previous 2 games,where the Boss Rush and Wily Battle take place in the same stage.

Also in Mega Man 3,there is reason to believe that the Final Stage was originally gonna be longer. Biggest proof comes from the Large Energy Capsule at the begining of the stage. There's also the stage theme,which is too long for a short stage.

Speaking of long/short music. The Wily's castle theme was a bit longer then what we normaly hear. This is because the music was supposed to be part of a longer scene. The scene where Dr.Light informs Mega Man that Wily stole Gamma,Wily flying in his sauser,and the fortress intro were supposed to play the full tune.

Speaking of,Wily was supposed to rise above a city and up to a mooned night sky. In the final,the city and moon are deleted. Don't ask me why.

Gemini Man level once had Saturn-esque Planets in it's backround,but they were also deleted.

According to the MM3 Prototype,Magnet Man and Snake Man were originally gonna host Doc Robot...Not Needle Man and Spark Man. The Proto Stage Select screen shows Snake Man on the top-right,instead of the top-center; Needle Man is on the top-center,instead of the top-right; Spark Man isn't on the top-left as he is in the final,instead,he's on the bottom-center; And Magnet Man is located in Spark Man's 'Final' position. This arrangement looks more natural than in the final. More evidence of this comes hidden inside the MM3 Rom,where broken tiles from Magnet Man's level can be found. Doc Robot's host levels have a 'broken' theme to them.

And finally,In the Rockman 3 Beta,Protoman transforms himself into Break Man in Gemini Man's level,while in the Final,he just stands there for a few seconds. This is evidence that Proto was supposed to transform into Break Man then and there,but Capcom either forgot to implement it or decided not to use it due to technical issues,as if you visited Gemini Man first,you'd face Break Man in other levels. That might've been a bit too time consuming to program in,a problem Capcom didn't wanna deal with,so they left the transformation out.

More proof that Mega Man 3 was somewhat rushed.
There've been a small number of Mega Man games that never saw release outside of Japan in Any form...not even in Compilation games.

The first game to stay in the land of the rising sun,was Rockboard. Rockboard was a Japanese-style boardgame,similar to Monopoly. Mega Man only appears as the GamesMaster,and not as a player character. There were 5 Playable Characters: Dr. Light,Dr.Wily,Dr.Cossack,Kalinka Cossack,and Roll (in her first playable appearence). The reason for the lack of a U.S./Euro/Aussie release was simple: It was an NES game made in 1993. The game was quite text heavy and by the time proper translations would've been completed,it would've been 1994,the year that the NES officially became obsolete.

The next Japan exclusive game was The SNES/Super Famicom version of Mega Man and Bass. We would eventually get the GBA port,but it's somewhat watered down.

Next up is Super Adventure Rockman,which was mostly an FMV game. But unlike the ones seen on the Sega CD,this one's actually good.

The Japan exclusive Wonderswan handhelds would get their own Mega Man titles...3,in fact. The first was for the Original Wonderswan called,Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future. It was a traditional platformer with a Really High dificulty level,in fact,some stages are downright unfair.

The next 2 games were for the Japan-Exclusive Wonderswan Color. These games were part of the Battle Network series. We have Rockman EXE WS,which was an extremely hard platformer,which also has some unfair elements. Capcom would do this type of thing again for the Battle Network series with Mega Man Network Transmition for the Game Cube.

Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP was a Tournament-style game using Battle Network's battle mechanics. Unlike the other 2 Wonderswan games,this one recieved a port on the Gameboy Advance,which was released worldwide.

The Neo Geo Pocket Color,which sold poorly in the States,had a Mega Man title too: Rockman Battles and Fighters. This Japan-exclusive was an 8-bit compilation port of the 2 Arcade Titles,Power Battles and Power Fighters. The game looks pretty good,plays good too. Shame the music kinda sucks.

Rockman Complete Works was a PSX re-release of the 1st 6 Mega Man titles. Bad News: it's Japanese Only, Worse News: it's 6 seperate discs that were sold seperatly,Good News: Each game has some cool extras,Even Worse News: Our version of Complete Works,Mega Man Anniversary Collection,lacks these extras.

Rockman Battle and Fighters was a PS2 exclusive compilation disc that contained the 2 Arcade games....with a few extras.

Other Japanese Battle Network/EXE exclusives include: Rockman EXE 4.5:Real Operation,a game that takes place between EXE4 and EXE5; Rockman EXE: The Medal Operation,an Arcade title; Operate Shooting Star,a remake of EXE1,that doubles as a crossover between EXE and Ryuusei No Rockman;

And finally,Various Mobile Games were also kept in Japan,including,Rockman DASH: Great 5 Island Adventure and the infamous,Rockman XOver.
The opening to Bon Jovi's (She’s A Little) Runaway sounds like the character select screen in Mega Man 1. Listen to Both Songs and you'll see what I mean.
The Krion Conquest is an NES game that has heavy Mega Man influences in its animation cycles and such. Nice game,but the difficulty level is high.
The Original Mega Man series was supposed to end at 6,but Capcom decided to continue the Classic Series,despite Keiji Inafune's objections,who wanted to focus on the then-new X Series. However,unlike with the X Series (i'll talk about that later),Inafune not only warmed up to Capcom's decision,but he also had a hand in the creation of most future classic series titles.
Initially Mega Man 6 was never supposed to leave Japan,but Nintendo of America stepped in and volunteered to both publish and translate the game for North America. Capcom reluctantly agreed to Nintendo's request and Mega Man 6 was brought to North America.

The reason for Capcom refusing to release the game outside of Japan varies.
Capcom's Viewtiful Joe looks similar to Protoman. He's a red hero who wears a mask similar to Proto's Viser,as well as a short scarf.
Mega Man 6 is the ONLY game in the whole franchise to have Robot Masters designed by North Americans. Famed magazine,Nintendo Power,in conjunction with Capcom USA,held it's own Robot Master design contest for the game. Thousands were submitted,but only 2 got exepted. Knight Man and Wind Man were designed by Daniel Vallee and Michael Leader respectively.
Guts Man is Wily's Favorite Robot Master. Here's proof: Statues of Gutsman can be found in Wily's final stage in MM1. The Gutsdozer in MM2. MM3 has the Gutsman-like junk golems. MM5 has Stoneman,whose a brick-themed Gutsman. And MM7 has the Gutsman abomination,Guts Man G.
The Mega Man franchise is chalk full of musical references.

Mega Man's real name is Rock. His baby sister's name is Roll. Rock and Roll....get it? Also Rock has an older sibling named Blues aka Protoman. Break Man,Protoman's/Blues' one-time identity,is also a musical reference (to breakdancing,an uber popular dance style of the late 80's and early 90's).

Beat and Tango,2 of Mega's pets,also have music based names.

Mega Man has a rival named Bass,who has a wolf named Treble. Their Japanese names are Forte and Gospel. Plus,Wily has a pet bird called Reggae.

Some of Wily's other robots are also named after musical terms (enker,quint,ballade,and punk).

Duo is also a robot whose named after a musical term.

For the X Series,we have the Twins Techno and Middy. And the Mavericks in American version of X5,are all named after members of the band,Guns 'n Roses.

The Battle Network series and Legends series both contain musical references too. But,I'll let you guys find them yourselves.

It's strange,but with all of these musical names,Capcom has yet to create a musical-based Robot Master.

The Archie Mega Man Comic,has Tempo,the civilian alias of Quake Woman,an Archie exclusive Robot Master.
Mega Man's archenemy,Dr.Wily looks like an evil version of Albert Einstein. In fact,he was based loosely on him. While Mega Man's creator,Dr. Light was loosely based on Thomas Edison. While,His look was based on Santa Clause.
X and Zero are the only ones in their respective families that are not named after musical terms. X was named after his unlimited potential and Zero was named after Kamakaze Fighter Pilots.
In Mega Man's Power Battles ending,Dr.Light mentions that he's working on an Advanced AI program. This is the ONLY reference to X in the original series. In Bass' Power Battles ending,Dr. Wily mentions that he's creating a powerful Robot that will destroy Mega Man. The robot Wily's talking about is none other than,Zero. But Wait there's more: In Bass' Power Fighters ending,Zero is not only talked about,but his plans are actually shown.
Since Mega Man 4,Dr. Wily has been using the Disappearing/Reappearing saucer as his final attack. Stupid and Repetitive Crapcom!
Classic Mega Man's looks and mindset are that of a 12-year-old boy. While His Brother X,who's supposed to be younger,has the looks and mindset of a 17-year-old.
Believe it or not,The Evil Energy from Mega Man 8 is basically a prototype of the Maverick Virus from the X series. It's also possible that the Roboenza virus from Mega Man 10 is the evolved form of the Evil Energy. And in turn,Roboenza is a modified form of the Zero Virus,which eventually became the Maverick Virus in the X Series.
Due to Sony of America's hardassness,Mega Man Battle and Chase was not allowed to come to America,so it didn't. However,it was included as a hidden game in the Mega Man X Collection.

For an Earlier example of Sony America's hardassness,we go back to Late 1996-Early 1997. Where Sony America initially refused to let 2D games on their console. But Capcom (as well as a few other companies,such as konami) hit back by threatening to never release their 3D games on their console in America again. Sony submitted and 2D games were allowed to be on American Playstations.

So what's this got to do with Mega Man? Well,the 2D Capcom games in question were Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X4.

One last tidbit,Mega Man 8 was initially gonna be a Saturn exclusive,but Sony of Japan protested heavily,so a Playstation version was also made. However,to be true to their original intentions,Capcom made the Saturn version of 8 the definitive version of the game,by giving it extra content (such as extra menus and battles with cut man and wood man).
Classic Series Music had a way of sneaking into the X series

In Mega Man X1 and the PS1 version of Mega Man X3 contains remixed versions of the "Selected Boss" theme from the original series. Part of Mega Man X5's Intro theme is a remixed version of Mega Man 3's "Get Weapon" theme. Also in Mega Man X5,a remixed version of the Mega Man 1's "Fortress Boss" theme is played during the battle with the Shadow Devil.
The Joes and Metools are the Franchises most recurring stage enemies. They appeared in many forms thoughout the series.
In Japan,Mega Man Legends is called Rockman DASH. DASH is an acronym which stands for Digouters Adventure Story in Halcyon Days. (shouldn't it be DASHD instead?)

Anyway,Digouter is the Japanese name for Diggers.
Most of the enemies in Mega Man 8 are reused in Mega Man and Bass. Judging by how well the PSX/Saturn graphics are handled on Super Famicom/SNES,the system was more powerful than we thought. However,despite the 32-bit graphics,the Music and Sound is still 16-bit.
Mega Man 1 is the only game in the series that doesn't have a "Map" for Wily's Skull Fortress Or a "Get Weapon" Screen. It's also the only game where Mega Man lacks Buoyancy when in water and spikes can still kill him,even if he is invincible.
Mega Man 1 was created because Capcom wanted to really bust into the home console market. Prior to Mega Man,all of Capcom's console games were just ports of their arcade titles. They wanted something original,a game that was exclusively for the home console market.
In Mega Man 7,Mega Man threatens to kill Dr.Wily. However,in Rockman 7 Rock does no such thing. Mega Man's "Threat" is nothing more than a translation error.
Here's some more MM7 trivia for ya: In Spring Man stage,you can find Astro Man's plans hidden in the backround.
Believe it or not,there have been some Mega Man Classic titles where Dr.Wily is Not the Final Boss. These titles are: Mega Man 5 GB,Super Adventure Rockman,and Rockman and Forte:Challenger from the Future.
In Volt Catfish's MMX3 PS1 intro,Auto can be seen watching TV. The scene is very brief,so it's kinda 'blink and you miss it'.
Here's a fun bit of trivia for ya: When we Americans first played Mega Man 6,we thought that Yamato ment Samurai. However,thanks to the Internet,we now know what the True meaning of that word is.

A Yamato is a Japanese word that decribes Japan itself. It was originally a province in Feudal Japan,where it was the center of Japanese cultural and political activities. The word “Yamato” is beloved by many Japanese because of what it symbolizes.

On a similar note: Tengu Man is based off of a mythological Japanese demon with wings and a long nose. They are sometimes associated with birds...mostly crows.
Europeans Never got Mega Man 6 when it was first released. So they never had a chance to play the game (ligitly) until it was released on the Europeon Virtual Console on June 2013.
Did you know that most Original Series robots have Battle Network counterparts. Only instead of robots,they're Net Navis. The only Robot Masters that Don't have Navi Counterparts (yet) are Crash Man,Hard Man,Gemini Man,Crystal Man,Centaur Man,Spring Man,Burst Man,Clown Man,Grenade Man,Frost Man,Astro Man,Pirate Man,Dynamo Man,Time Man,Oil Man,All but 1 of the American PC Robot Masters,All but 1 of the Rockman and Forte Wonderswan Robot Masters,All of the Mega Man 9 and 10 Robot Masters,The 3 Members of the Genesis Unit,and The Stardroids.

Clock Man from Rockman and Forte WS and Shark Man from Mega Man 3 PC were 2 obscure Robot Masters that were turned into Net Navi's. Though ClockMan.EXE's only apperence was in the Japan exclusive,Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star.

Also,Punk was the Only Mega Man Killer to ever recieve a Navi version.
Ring Man's Navi counterpart is Ring,a female Navi who made her only appearence in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. She's basically what a RingMan.EXE would look like if he was genderbent.
The first part of Mega Man 1's ending theme is also the 1st part of Mega Man 2's Intro theme.
Dr.Wily's 1st stage theme in Mega Man 2 is by far the most popular Mega Man theme ever. In fact,This song has been remixed and rearranged many times by loyal Mega Man fans. Some consider it overraded.
Mega Man Starforce was once planned to be Mega Man Battle Network 7 at one point. There are some unused models hidden within the game for Lan and MegaMan.EXE. There's even a 3D map of AC/DC Town hidden within the game.

For unknown reasons,Capcom decided to make the game into a whole new series instead.
Mega Man 9's Splash Woman is the first (and so far only) Female Robot Master. Though this originally wasn't the case,Splash Woman was originally Ocean Man in the game's planing stages.

There Was a female Robot Master in the planning stages,however,named Honey Woman,who would eventually become Hornet Man. Because he still wanted a female Robot Master,Keiji Inafune replaced Ocean Man with Splash Woman,as he believed that the Water Element would be better suited for a Female.

This was a really good decision on Inafune's part.
Toad Man,Snake Man,Slash Man,Hornet Man,and Sheep Man are the only 5 Robot Masters that are designed after Animals. Tengu Man doesn't count,because he's not based on an Animal.

On a related note: Tengu Man,Splash Woman,Junk Man,Shade Man,and Centaur Man are all based on mythical creatures. Junk Man is based on the Frankenstein Monster,in case you guys were wondering.

Also,all but 3 of Mega Man 6's Robot Masters are Gimmick-based. Wind Man,Centaur Man,and Plant Man are not based on Gimmicks.
Due to a rushed job,Mega Man Soccer's Ending/Credits weren't programmed properly into the game. They're still in the game,they just don't load during normal play. The Ending/Credits can only be viewed with a cheat device.
The Game Gear Mega Man title was also rushed,as there are many parts of it that seem incomplete. Plus,Wave Man's stage plays Gravity Man's Music. Wave Man's music is used for the Game Over Screen. Why? because,US Gold,a 3rd rate company,made the game. Capcom only gave it's permission. Kinda like those lame Mega Man PC titles.
Speaking of the PC Games. Mega Man had 2 crappy PC games,each game had it's own set of Robot Masters. Volt Man,Sonic Man,and Dyna Man are from the First PC game. Blade Man,Oil Man,Water Man,Shark Man,Torch Man,and Bit Man are from the Second. Even though it's the 2nd PC game,it's called Mega Man III. What the hell happened to Mega Man II PC? I guess we'll never know.

Plus,as I mentioned earler,Shark Man was eventually given an EXE counterpart in the form of SharkMan.EXE.
The rotating sheild weapon has been a Mega Man tradition for as long as I can remember. Most Mega Man games have this type of weapon.

The only games that Don't have a Rotating Sheild Weapon are: Mega Man 1,Mega Man 3,Mega Man 8,and Mega Man and Bass.

Mega Man 2 has the Leaf Sheild,Mega Man 4 has the Skull Barrier,Mega Man 5 has the Star Crash,Mega Man 6 has the Plant Barrier,Mega Man 7 has the Junk Sheild,Mega Man 9 has the Jewel Satillite,and Mega Man 10 has the Water Sheild.

There's also the terrible titkes had Sheild Weapons. Rockman and Forte WS has the Flame Mixer and Mega Man PC has the Force Field.
Mega Man 7 is a great big homage to the previous games in the series. For example,That one path in Freeze Man's level,where you get the Rush Search,is very remenicent of the end of Flash Man's level.

The final streach of Cloud Man's stage is remenicent of that final platforming area in Air Man's level. It even has similar enemies.

Slash Man's theme sounds similar to Wave Man's theme.

Turbo Man's stage contains homages to both Fire Man's stage and Quick Man's stage.

In the Proto Man battle,Proto himself lacks a health bar,just like in Mega Man 3.

There are many many more homages not listed here,try to discover the rest for yourselves.
The Yellow Devil,in fact,is the most revisited Fortress Guardian in the history of the franchise. It made it's debut in Mega Man 1. Without the Pause-Glitch Trick,the thing is very tough to beat.

The Yellow Devil returned in Mega Man 3,as the Yellow Devil mk.2. This battle was easier. Yellow Devil mk.3 appeared in the Arcade title,Mega Man Power Battles. It's successor,Yellow Devil mk. 3.5,was fought in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters,the sequal to Power Battles.

The next Devil to appear was The Green Devil aka the Jello Devil. It was fought in Mega Man 8. A weaker,more pathetic version of the monster was fought in Mega Man and Bass.

Other Devil's include: The Grey Devil from Rockman and Forte WS,Dark Moon,from Mega Man V GB,The Mini-Devil's,rare enemies in Mega Man 9; The Twin Devil,a very difficult boss from the same game; The Block Devil from Mega Man 10,who's insanely difficult on Normal and Hard modes; The Shadow Devil from Mega Man X5;and the Rainbow Devil from the Mega Man Zero series.
Thanks to Sega of America,we never recieved the Genesis exclusive,Mega Man:The Wily Wars in cartrage form. Instead Sega wanted the game to be an exclusive to their then-upcoming Sega Channel. Sega got what they wanted,but we Mega Man fans didn't,as many of us didn't own the Sega Channel adapter. The Sega Channel wasn't that great to begin with. While America was screwed over,Europe got an official cartrage.
The Voice Acting for the U.S. versions of Mega Mans 8,X4,and X7 were all done in Japan by English speakers.
Bass was created soley because Keiji Inafune no longer concidered Proto Man to be a proper rival. Bass and Treble's early names were Baroque and Crash respectively. Both names musical references. Also,Treble was initialy a Doberman,not a Wolf.
Mega Man Wily Wars's Wily Tower contains 3 selectable bosses that could be considered Prototype Mavericks. BusterRod G,HyperStorm H,and MegaWater S,inspired Capcom to make all selectable Bosses in the X series Animaloid.

On a similar note these 3 bosses were inspired by the legendary Chinese Novel,Journey to the West. BusterRod G was inspired by Son Wukong (aka Son Goku),the main hero of the story.
Mega Man Battle Network 1 was originally gonna be 3 games. One starring Lan and Mega Man,one starring Mega Man Buster and his Navi,and the 3rd starring Mega Man Blade and his Navi. The 3 games would've had an interconnecting Story and the Lan/MegaMan game was to go alongside the then-upcoming Anime.

The Buster and Blade Mega Men and their stories were scrapped during early development.

Also,A guy named Mike was originally gonna be Roll.EXE,and then Bass.EXE's owner. Mike would've given Roll to Mayl at a later time.

However,Mike was dropped during early production and Roll became Mayl's Navi from the beginning. While,Bass became an Independent Navi.
Keiji Inafune's favorite Robot Master is Elec Man.
During thier development,some Robot Masters were given prototype names.

Bright Man was Pearl Man,Pharaoh Man was Miira Man,Dive Man was Diver Man,Napalm Man was Bit Man,Plant Man was Flower Man,Tomahawk Man was Geronimo Man,Yamato Man was Musha Man,Blizzard Man was Spur Man,Burst Man was Shabon Man,Cloud Man was Smoke Man,Junk Man was Franken Man,Slash Man was Claw Man,Shade Man was Vampire Man,Turbo Man was Dash Man,Cold Man was Freezer Man,Burner Man was Blast Man,Ground Man was Driller Man,Magic Man was Magician Man,and Dynamo Man was Coil Man,Crash Man was called Missile Man,Bubble Man was called Water Man,Quick Man was called Boomerang Man,Metal Man was called Rolling Man,Hornet Man was called Sting Man (after his sex change,that is),Tornado Man was called Weather Man,Concrete Man was called Cement Man,Plug Man was called Plasma Man,Galaxy Man was once called Space Man,Jewel Man was called Diamond Man,and Search Man was called Commando Man.

And,as stated earlier,Splash Woman was once a male Robot Master called Ocean Man and Hornet Man was once a female Robot Master called Honey Woman.
Mega Man 1 is the Only console title in the Franchise with a Scoring System.
Neon Tiger's Stage music sounds similar to "My Michele" by Guns N' Roses. According To Capcom Japan and Keiji Inafune,It's all a Coincidence.
Mega Man X4's Web Spider's design was inspired by Bospider,a Fortress Boss in Mega Man X1.
Like the Original Series,the Mega Man X Series remix's and reuses music. For instance - In Mega Man X5,Tidal Whale's 'Final' theme is a remixed version of Bubble Crab's.

The Rangda Bangda's theme in X5 is a remixed version of the 'Fortress Boss' theme of X1. Plus,Dr Light's X5 capsule theme is the same as his X1's.

Megaman X2's 2nd X-Hunter Stage Theme is used for the 1st 2 Stages of Gates Lab. Also in X6,The Final Battle theme is a mix of Sigma's X1 and X2 Battle Themes.
In Frost Walrus' Stage,Blizzard Buffalo and Chill Penguin can be seen damaged and frozen in the backround. Buffalo can be seen at the begining of the Stage and Chill Penguin can be seen during the mid-boss battle.
In his PS1 intro,Blizzard Buffalo's name is misspelled. He's called Bilzard Buffalo in that intro. This is Capcom Europe's stupid error,since they translated the game.

As stated earlier,This Version of the game never made it to the States as a single disk. Though,it was part of The Mega Man X Collection.
Most Maverick Bosses in the Main Series are all based on creatures from the Animal Kingdom. However,there are a couple of exceptions. We have Spilt Mushroom from X4,Spike Rosered from X5,Tornado Tonion from X7, and Optic Sunflower from X8.
Infinite Mijinion's Music was inspired by the song "Final Countdown".
During the battle with Metal Sharkplayer,he will often times summon the 'Ghost' of a past Maverick. He'll sommon either: Sting Chameleon from X1,Magna Centepede from X2,or Blast Hornet from X3.

When Sharkplayer's Weapon,the Metal Anchor,is charged up by X,X summons the 'spirit' of Storm Eagle.
Mega Man X5 has a bunch of Beta tunes,as well as an Unused one.

Tidal Whale's Stage,Dr.Light's Capsule,Stage Select,Mission Report,and The Ending all had different music than in the Final Game.

'Armageddon' was a song that was Supposed to play when you fail to blow up the Space Colony Eurasia,but for some reason Capcom neglected to put it in the final game. In the Final,the scene is silent.
Axl was added into the series soley because Capcom wanted a hip,young character to represent a new generation of Mega Man X titles.
The Mavericks of Mega Man X5 have similar stages to Mega Man X4's.

Spike Rosered's stage is similar to Web Spider's. Crecent Grizzly's stage is similar to Slash Beast's. The 2nd part of Dark Necrobat's stage is similar to Cyber Peacock's. The 'stairway' section of Shining Firefly's stage is similar to Split Mushroom's.

The 'Land Chaser' section of Volt Kraken's level is similar to Jet Stingray's. Spiral Pegasus' stage is similar to Storm Owl's. And Burn Dinorex' stage is similar to Magma Dragoon.

Unfortunately,there is no similarities between Tidal Whale's stage and Frost Walrus'...Other than the fact that Both Bosses Battle you in a big Room.
Mega Man X3 is the Only Mega Man X game has no Fire Maverick.

We have: Flame Mammoth from X1,Flame Stag from X2,Magma Dragoon from X4,Burn Dinorex from X5,Blaze Heatnix from X6,Flame Hyanard from X7,and Burn Rooster from X8.
The Mega Man X5 Mavericks are named after the Band Members of Guns N' Roses. The most noticable being Axl The Red aka Spike Rosered being named after Axl Rose,Leader of GnR.
Street Fighter Moves have been used in The Mega Man X Series.

In Mega Man X1 you can receive Ryu's 'Hadouken'. In X2 you could get Ken's 'Shoryuken'. Also in X2,Flame Stag's weapon,in X's use,looks like a fiery version of Guile's 'Sonic Boom'. In X4,Magma Dragoon has 'Shoto' moves.

Also in X4,a charged up Rising Fire looks similar to a fiery 'Shoryuken'. In X5,When X is wearing his Gaia Armor,he can use a move that's similar to Chun-Li's 'Kikoushou'. In X8,X can use the 'Shoryuken' if he's wearing his Ultimate Armor.

X8's Burn Rooster has Akuma's 'Tenmakujinkyaku',a move that Zero gains from the Maverick. Also in X8,Zero gains the Shoto's 'Tatsumakisenpukakyuu' from Dark Mantis. These moves can only be preformed using the Zero Knuckle.
Mega Man X5 was supposed to be the Final Major entry in the Mega Man X Series. Inafune wanted to end the X Series to focus on the upcoming Zero series. Capcom,however,had Other plans....
The X Series has a decent amount of Unused Content and Beta Elements.

Mega Man X had a Jellyfish bot that drilled down,an Anglerge mid-boss that blew air out at X,and a Hoganmer who jumped around.

Plus,Vile had some extra attacks while in the ride armor and their was an unused path to Launch Octopus. None of these things are found in the Final.

In X2's Beta there was: A Ride Armor Rider,sans his Ride Armor,A Carry Arm that damaged you, And even a Test Enemy that looked like a Chain of Large Weapon Power-Ups.

In X3's Beta there was: An unused Ride Armor boss,Mavericks having a Maverick Insignia instead of a Doppler one, A Ganseki Carrier that moves left and right,and a Wild Tank enemy that rose up from the ground.

There was also an alternate way into Blast Hornets room. None of these things are found in the Final. Also Bit and Byte had a different look,as did Neon Tiger.

X4's Beta had a creepy looking unused mugshot,which was used as a placeholder. And in X7's Beta,X was playable from the Start.

It's also worth noting that all SNES X games have a strange unused 'W' health bar. No one really knows what this bar's purpose was.
Mega Man X6 is the only game where the Mavericks keep their Original Japanese names.
In the official Artwork,Bit always carries a shield,yet in the games he doesn't have one.
ln the Mega Man 8 Beta,Frost Man stage and the Stage Select had different music.

On a related note,Mega Man 4 and 7 had unused mini-bosses. The Mega Man 4 boss was a Sphinx in Pharaoh Man's level who attacked with plasma pellets and boulders.

The Mega Man 7 boss was a hovering robot that attacked with it's spike fists,it also had an electric attack.

However,as an Easter Egg,The MM7 Lost Mini-Boss can be seen in a busted-up/destroyed state at the beginning of Shade Man's stage.
When a Mega Man X fan listens to the song "Saved By Zero" by The Fixx,they can't help but to think about Zero saving X. XD
Did you know that some Maverick Weapons were based off of Robot Master Weapons and Vice Versa. It's true. Here's a brief list.

Boomer Kuwanger's Boomerang Cutter = Cut Man's Rolling Cutter
Launcher Octopus' Homing Torpedo = Dive Man's Dive Missile
Burner Man's Wave Burner = Flame Mammoth's Fire Wave
Spark Mandrill's Electric Spark = Spark Man's Spark Shock
Freeze Man's Freeze Cracker = Chill Penguin's Shotgun Ice
Clown Man's Thunder Claw = Wire Sponge's Strike Chain
Morph Moth's Silk Shot = Dust Man's Dust Crusher
Pirate Man's Remote Mine = Manga Centepede's Magnet Mines
Gravity Beetle's Gravity Well = Galaxy Man's Blackhole Bomb
Ground Man's Spread Drill = Tunnle Rhino's Tornado Fang
Astro Man's Copy Vision = Split Mushroom's Soul Body
Jet Stingray's Ground Hunter = Snake Man's Search Snake
Spike Rosered's Spike Ball = Knight Man's Knight Crush
Volt Kraken's Triad Thunder = Elec Man's Thunder Beam
Blaze Heatnix' Magma Blade = Sword Man's Flame Sword Man's
Nitro Man's Wheel Cutter = Wheel Gator's Spin Wheel

I think I missed some,but You get the idea.
Frost Walrus is the first Maverick to have 2 songs used for his stage. One for the 1st half and One for the 2nd half. This Idea wouldn't be reused until Mega Man X8.
Mega Man X2 Villains,The X-Hunters were originally gonna be in the first game. I don't know all of the details,but according to some Concept art,this seems to be the case.
Capcom Japan Created Mega Man X6 without Keiji inafune's permission. Inafune initially wanted to end the X Series with X5,but later decided that an X6 should be made,however he wanted to wait. He wanted time to come up with fresh new ideas,weapons,and armor for the game. As well as an X Series replacement for Zero.

However,Capcom ignored him and made X6 anyway. Inafune later apologized to the fans for Capcom's deed and promised to make sure the Mega Man franchise is handled with more care in the future.

Had Capcom Japan waited,like Inafune wanted,X6 would've been on the PS2 (and maybe the gamecube).
Out of all of the games in the Original Mega Man Series,Keiji Inafune hates Super Adventure Rockman the most. He considers the action scenes and some of the attitude,too unfitting of the Classic Series.
Both Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X were remakes of Mega Man 1 and Mega Man X1 respectively. Both were supposed to be the start of a brand new continuity for their respective series.

Inafune planned to recreate the first 8 Mega Man titles,as well as the first 6 Mega Man X titles..including his Own version of X6.

However,due to extremely poor sales of MMPU and MHX,this never came to be. PSP Sucks!
The Final Enemy in the Original (Robot) Time-Line is Sera from Mega Man Legends 2...for now,at least. On that same note,Mega Man Starforce 3's Crimson Dragon is the Final Enemy of the Secondary (Navi) least,for the moment.
Originaly Keiji Inafune wanted to make Zero the main hero of the Mega Man X Series,but Capcom feared that no one would except him as a Mega Man. So Hayato Kaji's Mega Man X was chosen to be the New Mega Man,instead.

Years later,Inafune created the Mega Man Zero series.
Mega Man X1's Intro Stage was originally supposed to be a White City instead of a highway. This city had RT-55J as a Mid-Boss,as well as an unused flying flamethrower enemy. The White City isn't in the final game.
The Original Series Characters Aren't the Only ones to get EXE/Battle Network counterparts. Iris,Colonel,and even Zero have Net Navi counterparts.

Shockingly we never had EXE versions of X,Alia,Vile,or least,not yet.
Zero has died 3 times within the course of the Franchise. Once in X1,Again in X5,and Again in Zero 4,this time for good.
It's rumored that Sigma's appearence was based on The Original Series Character,Doc Robot.

Also,contrary to popular belief, Sigma's look was Not inspired by Sagat...or M.Bison for that matter.
During the initial battle with Optic Sunflower,The Final Weapon From Mega Man X4 Can be seen in the Backround.
Zero was originally gonna have his own Ultimate Armor for Mega Man X4,but for whatever reason,it was scrapped. Instead of Ultimate Armor,Zero has his 'Kuro Mode',which does nothing but change his color to black.

The Ultimate Armor for Zero would've been made by Dr.Wily,Zero's creator.

Thankfully,in future titles,Kuro Mode becomes an actual power-up for Zero.
Let's talk about the Ruby-Spears Series for a bit,shall we?

There were plans in place to create a Mega Man X spin-off animated series,but due to the main series cancellation,this plan was scrapped.

Capcom and Marvel Comics planned to create a comic adaption of the show,but it never came to be. Again,thanks to the show itself being canned.

Despite it being an adaption of the Classic Series,Ruby-Spears Mega Man is so loose,that it can be considered it's own Mega Man Series.

Initially,the Series was to have an art style just like Capcom's official art. There are a few reasons for the drastic change in art style:

Reason 1 - The Anime style wasn't that popular in America and we were used to a more American look to our cartoon shows. This was before the Anime Boom in 1997.

Reason 2 - In America,The 'Kid Hero' was looked down upon,so Mega Man,Roll,and Proto Man were aged up.

And Reason 3 - Muscular Heroes and Villains were the Thing in 90's America.

One final tidbit,Roll RS has over 30 different gadgets/tools/appliances installed into her Utility Arm.
The Mega Man Legends Series hosted a few firsts for the Franchise: The first Female Villain (tron bonne),The first Love-Triangle (rock-roll-tron),The first Evil Mega Man (mega man juno),The first female Final Boss (sera),The first Non-Robot Mega Man (rock voulnutt),The first 3D Mega Man title (mega man legends 1),The first to have an entry that Doesn't feature Mega Man at all (misadventures of tron bonne), and The first to Not follow the traditional Mega Man formula.
Duo was originally supposed to be a Robot created by Dr.Cossack,but it was later decided that he'd come from space instead.

Despite this change,Duo still has Russian influences in his design. The 4 divits in his armor resemble coat buttons,while tbe top part of his head resembles Russian headwear.
Servbots are more popular in Japan,then they are in the States.
The Mega Man Franchise has over 150 enteries.

So Happy 30th Anniversary,Blue Bomber. Here's to another 30.

'Till next time,Retroheadz.

Friday, June 30, 2017

WWE Redo - 1994

As you all remember,I did a special called WWE Redo - 1993,where I traveled back in time and changed the course of the WWE in 1993,by mind manipulating Vince McMahon.

Well,I continue my antics in 1994. So here we go:

- We kick things off with the WWE Royal Rumble 1994. Everything's the same except for 2 things: 1 - It's the Steiner Brothers who hold the Tag Titles and not the Quebecers. And 2 - In the Royal Rumble Match,Crush is eliminated by Randy Savage. Pissed,the eliminated Crush eliminates Savage.

- The next night on RAW,Crush explains his actions - an eye for an eye. He then apologises to Savage and asks him to be his tag partner as they challenge the Quebecers for the #1 contender spot for the tag titles. Savage accepts. During the match,Crush betrays Savage and joins Mr.Fuji. 

- The Next Week,Crush explains everything. He's sick of being overlooked and wants to be on top. Crush believes that Mr.Fuji can make his dreams happen. He then treatens Randy Savage and Everyone else who dares get in his way. Savage interferes with Crush's match later that night. This starts the Savage-Crush feud,which ends at Wrestlemania X.

- In February,The Quebecers defeat the Steiners for the Tag Team Gold.

- In March everything goes on as normal.

- In Late April,Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels begin a mini-feud (started over michaels' interference in the razor/diesel intercontenental title match). This leads a Hair v Carrer Match,with Michaels' Hair put on the line against Savage's Wrestling Carrer. Randy Savage loses and remains a Commentator. He does co-host Mania with Todd Pettengill.

In May,everything goes on as normal. Well,except for the short Savage/Michaels feud. The WWF Women's division begins to grow.

In June,everything goes on as normal....except No Underfaker! Instead,Ted Dibiase introduces The Reaper,a grim-reaper themed wrestler,who he claims is the Undertaker's replacement...The "New Undertaker",if you will. Dibiase claims he got The Reaper from the same place that he got The Undertaker way back in 1990. Dibiase claims that The Reaper possesses all of the same powers that the Undertaker had,but that The Reaper is superior in every way. The Reaper is played by Brian Lee. The Reaper makes his debut a week later and is everything Dibiase says he is..except more sadistic.

- In July,everything goes on as normal.

- In August,everything goes on as normal,except at Summerslam. At the event,The Undertaker returns to fight and defeat The Reaper,instead of the Underfaker. Also The Hart Bros. Steel Cage Match is moved to the Main Event. The RAW after Summerslam,Undertaker declairs war on all of those who attempted to end him. The exceptions being The Headshrinkers and Adam Bomb (who he says have repented). The 1st body he wants to bury is Jeff Jarrett and that He'll take care of Yokozuna last. Undertaker and Jarrett have a match next week.

- In September,The Undertaker's crusade against his enemies continues. Other than this,nothing is changed.

- In October,There are only 2 changes: One Minor,One Major. First the minor: Jerry Lawler only brings ONE Mini-King to the WWF,Sleazy. Now the major...

WARNING!! WARNING!! History Changing Event In Effect!! WARNING!! WARNING!!

.....After much convincing and negotiation by (the mind-controlled) Vince McMahon,Randy "Macho Man" Savage decides to renew his contract with the WWF until the Spring of '95.

- November has a small host of changes. First off,as a thank you for resigning,Jack "The Figure-Head President" Tunney grants "Macho Man" Randy Savage One Final Post-Retirement Bonus Match against Bob Backlund. Next change is that Savage is a Color Commentator at the Survivor Series.

- Survivor Series Change #2: The Bad Guys look much stronger against the Teamsters,and they manage to eliminate Owen Hart,Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart,and "Double J" Jeff Jarrett. Shawn Michaels and (mostly) Diesel eliminate the 1-2-3 Kid,The Headshrinkers,and "British Bulldog" Davey Smith. Other that this major change,the match ends as normal.

- Survivor Series Change #3: Doink and Dink battle Jerry "The King" Lawler and his Mini-King Sleasy in a tag match at the Survivor Series. So it's not Clowns R Us v The Royal Family.

- Survivor Series Change #5: Guts N Glory does way better against the Million Dollar Team...with Guts and Glory winning.

- The final change of the month has Bob Backlund keep the WWF Championship for a longer period of time. He loses it to Diesel in early January. Other than these changes,everything goes on as normal.

In December,Bret "Hitman" Hart is granted a WWF title shot at the Royal Rumble.

And with that,the Course of WWE has changed for the better in 1994.

Next Time on WWE Redo: We rescue the WWE from many bad things,including a bad start in the Monday Night Wars. It's WWE Redo - 1995,next time.

Until next time,RetroHeadz,God Bless and Stay Gold.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Games That I Own

Just to just to prove that this Blog isn't dead,here's a list of Games and Systems that I own...complete with Fun Facts
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Fun Fact: The Nintendo Entertainment System was my very Second game system (first was the Atari 2600).

Fun Fact 2: I have owned 2 NES'. I recieved my 1st NES for Christmas in 1986. And when that one broke,I got another one in 1989. That 2nd NES is still with me today (in semi-working condition)

Fun Fact 3: Super Mario Bros was the 1st NES game I've ever played. 
Fun Fact 4: Super Mario/Duck Hunt was also the 1st NES game I owned.

Fun Fact 5: I own the Golden Cartridge versions of Both the Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2 - Adventure of Link.

Fun Fact 6: I own the Tengen version of Pac-Man

Fun Fact 7: I had a silver oppertunity to get the NES Top Loader in 1994,but I didn't have enough spending money.

Fun Fact 8: I have Never owned the Power Glove,But that's ok,cuz........It's So Bad! XDXDXD

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Super Mario/Duck Hunt (came with the NES)
Legend of Zelda (christmas gift)
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (christmas gift)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (birthday gift)
Wild Gunman(given to me as a gift)
Baseball (given to me as a gift)
10-Yard Fight(given to me as a gift)
Top Gun (given to me as a gift)
Excitebike (given to me as a gift)
Mach Rider (given to me as a gift)
Urban Champion (given to me as a gift)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (birthday gift)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (given to me as a gift)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (birthday gift)
Vegas Dream (given to me as a gift)
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (given to me as a gift)
Metal Gear (given to me as a gift)
Renegade (given to me as a gift)
Donkey Kong Classics (given to me as a gift)
Pac-Man (Tengen Version; given to me as a gift)
Super Mario Bros. (given to me as a gift)
Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (christmas gift)
Ninja Guiden (christmas gift)
Ninja Guiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos (christmas gift)
Ninja Guiden III - The Ancient Ship of Doom (christmas gift)
Mega Man II (christmas gift)
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (christmas gift)
Battletoads (birthday gift)
The Simpson's - Bart vs The Space Mutants (given to me as a gift)
Dr.Mario (given to me as a gift)
Mega Man IV (birthday gift)
Mega Man (birthday gift)
Mega Man III (birthday gift)
WWF Steel Cage Challenge (given to me as a gift)
Mega Man V (christmas gift)
Mega Man VI (christmas gift)
Castlevania (bought at gamestop)
Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (bought at gamestop)
Double Dragon (bought at gamestop)
Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones (bought at gamestop)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhatten Project (bought at gamestop)
Tetris (Nintendo Version; bought at gamestop)
Bomberman (bought at gamestop)
Final Fantasy (bought at gamestop)
Nintendo Game Boy (and Game Boy Color)

Fun Fact 1: I got my Game Boy for Christmas in 1990.

Fun Fact 2: My first games for the system were Tetris and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan.

Fun Fact 3: The Game Boy Color was a birthday present from my Grandma. She bought me the Game Boy version Street Fighter II along with it. This was in 1999.

Fun Fact 4: My Original Game Boy died in 2005. I still have it,BTW.

Fun Fact 5: My Game Boy Color Still Works. Though I eventually replaced it with the Game Boy Advance and later,Game Boy Advanced SP.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (christmas gift)
Tetris (came with the game boy)
Paperboy (christmas gift)
Super Mario Land (birthday gift)
Mega Man - Dr.Wily's Revenge (birthday gift)
Mega Man II GB (birthday gift)
WWF King of the Ring (christmas gift)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - Back From The Sewers (birthday gift)
Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (birthday gift)
Tetris 2 (christmas gift)
Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3 (birthday gift)
Street Fighter II GB (birthday gift)
WWF Warzone (christmas gift)
Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX (christmas gift)
Pokemon Blue (birthday gift)
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (christmas gift)
Pokemon Red (bought at gamestop)
Pokemon Pinball (bought at toys r us)
Pokemon Trading Card Game (bought at toys r us)
Pokemon Yellow (bought at gamestop)
Pokemon Gold (christmas gift)
Pokemon Silver (christmas gift)
WWF Superstars (bought at gamestop)
WWF Superstars 2 (bought at gamestop)
Sega Genesis

Fun Fact 1: Got it as a XMas gift from my Uncle in 1991. The system came with Sonic the Hedgehog. I also got 3 other games: Columns,Joe Montana Football,and Pat Reilly Basketball.

Fun Fact 2: The Sega Genesis is my first 16-Bit console.

Fun Fact 3: Sonic The Hedgehog was the Very first Sega game I've ever played. And since then,I've been a fan of the series (not so much anymore,though)

Fun Fact 4: My long-time buddy,Phil aka Philly Madison,was the one who got me into the Genesis in the first place. I'll talk more about him another time.

Fun Fact 5: My Genesis still works after all these years.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Sonic The Hedgehog (came with the genesis)
Columns (xmas gift)
Joe Montana Football (xmas gift)
Pat Reilly Basketball (xmas gift)
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (xmas gift)
Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition (xmas gift)
Sonic Spinball (xmas gift)
Toejam and Earl - Panic on Funkatron (b-day gift)
Mortal Kombat (given to me as a gift)
Toejam and Earl (given to me as a gift)
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (given to me as a gift)
Beavis and Butt-Head (x-mas gift)
WWF Raw (x-mas gift)
Sonic and Knuckles (x-mas gift)
Super Street Fighter II (x-mas gift)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (x-mas gift)
Mortal Kombat II (b-day gift)
Mortal Kombat 3 (x-mas gift)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - The Movie (x-mas gift)
Spider-Man/Venom - Separation Anxiety (x-mas gift)
Roadblasters (x-mas gift)
Mega Bomberman (bought at gamestop)
Winter Olympics (given to me as a gift)
WWF Super Wrestlemania (bought at gamestop)
WWF Royal Rumble (bought at gamestop)
Cool Spot (bought at gamestop)
Shaq-Fu (bought at gamestop)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Hyper Stone Heist (bought at gamestop)
Sega Game Gear

Fun Fact 1: I got my Game Gear as a gift in 1992. However,it broke in 2000.

Fun Fact 2: My first Game Gear title was Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

Fun Fact: My Game Gear library consists of 6 games. Games that I still have.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (came with the game gear)
Krusty's Fun House (given to me as a gift)
Sonic The Hedgehog (b-day gift)
Sonic Chaos (x-mas gift)
Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (given to me as a gift)
Sonic Triple Trouble (x-mas gift)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Fun Fact 1: I recieved my SNES as a surprise B-Day gift in 1992.

Fun Fact 2: My first games for the System were Super Mario World and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time.

Fun Fact 3: My SNES still works.

Fun Fact 4: Many of my SNES library was bought on my own.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Super Mario World (came with the snes)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time (b-day present)
Super Off Road (x-mas gift)
Super Adventure Island (x-mas gift)
Joe and Mac (x-mas gift)
Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past (b-day gift)
Super Mario All-Stars (given to me as a gift)
Mega Man X (b-day gift)
Mega Man Soccer (b-day gift)
Cool Spot (x-mas gift)
Shaq-Fu (x-mas gift)
Donkey Kong Country (x-mas gift)
Mario Paint (x-mas gift)
WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game (x-mas gift)
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest (x-mas gift)
WWF Super Wrestlemania (b-day gift)
Mortal Kombat (b-day gift)
Street Fighter II - Turbo (b-day gift)
Ken Griffey Jr. - Winning Run (given to me as a gift)
Final Fantasy II aka Final Fantasy IV (bought at gamestop)
Super Bomberman (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man X2 (b-day gift)
Super Castlevania IV (bought at gamestop)
F-Zero (bought at gamestop)
Actraiser (bought at gamestop)
Sim City (bought at gamestop)
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (bought at gamestop)
Super Ghouls and Ghosts (bought at gamestop)
Mortal Kombat II (bought at gamestop)
Super Street Fighter II (bought at gamestop)
Spider-Man/Venom - Maximum Carnage (bought at gamestop)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man 7 (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man X3 (bought at gamestop)
Sega CD

Fun Fact 1: I recieved my Sega CD X-Mas of 1993.

Fun Fact 2: My Sega CD broke in 1995. It was a Model 2.

Fun Fact 3: Like with the Game Gear,I had a very very small Game Library for this system.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Sewer Shark (came with the sega cd)
Afterburner III (x-mas gift)
WWF Rage in the Cage (b-day gift)
Sonic CD (given to me as a gift)
Panic [pirated copy] (downloaded off of the internet)
Sega 32X

Fun Fact 1: Got the 32X X-Mas of 1995. It broke in 1996.

Fun Fact 2: Like with the Game Gear and Sega CD,my 32X Library is very very small.

Fun Fact 3: I got my entire 32X Library on one X-Mas. The very same X-Mas that I got the 32X itself.

Fun Fact 4: Despite Knuckles Chaotix,the Sega 32X was my least favorite system.

Fun Fact 5: This was the final piece of Sega Hardware I ever owned. Nintendo and Sony would be my main focus for VG Hardware.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Knuckles Chaotix (x-mas gift)
WWF Raw (x-mas gift)
Mortal Kombat II (x-mas gift)
WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game (x-mas gift)
Sony Playstation (PS1)

Fun Fact 1: I got the Playstation for X-Mas of 1997. It broke in 2007

Fun Fact 2: The Playstation was supposed to be a surprise X-Mas gift,but my uncle kinda spoiled things when he got me Final Fantasy VII on X-Mas Eve,the night before I got my Playstation.

Fun Fact 3: Final Fantasy VII was my gateway into the franchise.

Fun Fact 4: Because my PS1 broke,I use my PS2 to play the games.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
PS1 Sampler Disc (came with the ps1)
Final Fantasy VII (x-mas gift)
WCW vs The World (x-mas gift)
Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero (x-mas gift)
The Perfect Weapon (x-mas gift)
WCW Nitro (b-day gift)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (b-day gift)
Street Fighter Collection (bought either at toys r us or gamestop)
Marvel Super Heroes v Street Fighter (bought at toys r us)
Mega Man X4 (bought at toys r us)
WWF War Zone (bought at toys r us)
Mega Man 8 (x-mas gift)
Armored Core - Project Phantasma (x-mas gift)
WWF - In Your House (bought at gamestop)
Sim City 2000 (bought at toys r us)
R-Types (bought at toys r us)
WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game (bought at gamestop)
Tetris Plus (bought at toys r us)
Formula 1 (x-mas gift)
X-Men v Street Fighter (x-mas gift)
Marvel Super Heroes (x-mas gift)
Gran Turismo (x-mas gift)
Final Fantasy Anthology (x-mas gift)
Final Fantasy VIII (x-mas gift)
Mega Man Legends (x-mas gift)
WCW Mayhem (x-mas gift)
Worms Armaggedon (x-mas gift)
Street Fighter - The Movie (bought at gamestop)
A Bunch of Sampler Discs (given to me as gifts)
Digimon World (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man X5 (bought at gamestop)
Porche Challenge (bought at gamestop)
RayStorm (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man X6 (bought at gamestop)
Digimon Rumble Arena (bought at gamestop)
Street Fighter Alpha 3(bought at gamestop)
Final Fantasy Chronicles (bought at gamestop)
Final Fantasy Origins (bought at gamestop)
Final Fantasy IX (bought at gamestop)
Nintendo 64 (N64)

Fun Fact 1: I recieved the N64 for X-Mas......of 2001! Yup,got the system at the end of it's life cycle.

Fun Fact 2: The N64 I own is used. This wouldn't be the 1st time I recieved a used console.

Fun Fact 3: Most of my N64 Library,consists of games I got for X-Mas of 2001...the year I got the system itself.

Fun Fact 4: Due to getting this system near the end of it's life,my N64 Library is kinda small.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Super Smash Bros. (x-mas gift)
Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (x-mas gift)
Super Mario 64 (x-mas gift)
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 2 (x-mas gift)
Pokemon Stadium 2 (x-mas gift)
Pokemon Snap (x-mas gift)
Mario Kart 64 (x-mas gift)
Donkey Kong 64 (x-mas gift)
Bomberman Hero (x-mas gift)
Mega Man 64 (x-mas gift)
Pokemon Stadium (bought at gamestop)
Bomberman 64 (bought at gamestop)
WCW vs nWo - World Tour (bought at gamestop)
Mario Party (bought at gamestop..on a dare)
Mario Party 2(bought at gamestop..on a dare)
Mario Party 3 (bought at gamestop..on a dare)
Nintendo Game Cube (GC)

Fun Fact 1: Got the Game Cube as an X-Mas gift in 2002.

Fun Fact 2: I recieved the Game Boy Player Add-On for X-Mas of 2004.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Sonic Adventure 2 - Battle (x-mas gift)
Spider-Man (x-mas gift)
Mario Party 4 (x-mas gift)
Sonic Mega Collection (bought at gamestop)
Mario Kart - Double Dash (x-mas gift)
Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker (x-mas gift)
Super Mario Sunshine (x-mas gift)
Spider-Man 2 (x-mas gift)
Sonic Adventure DX (bought at gamestop)
Pokemon Colosseum (x-mas gift)
Mega Man Network Transmition (x-mas gift)
Sonic Heroes (x-mas gift)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (bought at gamestop)
Sonic Gems Collection (bought at gamestop)
Legend of Zelda - Collecters Edition (bought at gamestop)
Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Fun Fact 1: Got the Game Boy Advance for X-Mas in 2003. Got the SP version for X-Mas of 2004.

Fun Fact 2: Today,I play my Game Boy games on the XP.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Mega Man Zero (x-mas gift)
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (x-mas gift)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (x-mas gift)
Disney's Treasure Planet (x-mas gift)
Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (x-mas gift)
Sonic Advance (x-mas gift)
Hot Wheels X-Velocity [think that's what it's called] (x-mas gift)
Dragon Ball Z - Collectible Card Game (bought at gamestop)
Dragon Ball Z - Legacy of Goku (bought at gamestop)
Pokemon Sapphire (x-mas gift)
Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario 3 (x-mas gift)
Pokemon Leaf Green (x-mas gift)
Pokemon Ruby (x-mas gift)
Sony Playstation 2

Fun Fact 1: Got this system in 2004 for my Birthday.

Fun Fact 2: Believe it or not,I got this system as a hand-me-down,so it was used.

Fun Fact 3: I now use this system to play my PS1 games.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Kingdom Hearts (b-day gift)
Final Fantasy X (b-day gift)
Dragon Ball Z Budokai (b-day gift)
Mega Man X7 (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man Anniversary Collection (bought at gamestop)
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 (x-mas gift)
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 (b-day gift)
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man X8 (bought at gamestop)
Mega Man X Collection (bought at gamestop)
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (bought at gamestop)
Nintendo DS (DS)

Fun Fact 1: Got The DS Lite on X-Mas of 2006. Got the DSi on X-Mas of 2009.

Fun Fact 2: Almost all of my DS games were X-Mas gifts.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Brain Age (x-mas gift)
Brain Age 2 (x-mas gift)
Flash Focus (x-mas gift)
Clubhouse Games (x-mas gift)
Tetris DS (x-mas gift)
My Sims (x-mas gift)
New Super Mario Bros. (x-mas gift)
Sonic Rush (x-mas gift)
Digimon World DS (x-mas gift)
Final Fantasy III DS (x-mas gift)
Pokemon Diamond (x-mas gift)
Rock Revolution (bought at gamestop)
Wario Ware D.I.Y (x-mas gift)
Nintendo Wii (Wii)

Fun Fact: Got the Wii on my B-Day of 2007.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Wii Sports (came with the wii)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (b-day gift)
Wii Play (x-mas gift)
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (x-mas gift)
Wii Music (x-mas gift)
Ninja Reflex (bought at gamestop)
Spider-Man - Edge of Time (x-mas gift)
Wii Sports Resort (x-mas gift)
Mario Kart Wii (x-mas gift)
Wario Ware D.I.Y. Showcase (downloaded via wii ware)
Mega Man 9 (downloaded it via wii ware)
Mega Man 10 (downloaded it via wii ware)
Kirby's Adventure (downloaded it via virtual console)
Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past (downloaded it via virtual console)
StarTropics (downloaded it via virtual console)
River City Ransom (downloaded it via virtual console)
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (downloaded it via virtual console)
Final Fight (downloaded it via virtual console)
Punch-Out Wii (x-mas gift)
Final Fantasy III aka Final Fantasy VI (downloaded it via virtual console)
Chrono Trigger (downloaded it via virtual console)
Metroid (downloaded it via virtual console)
Nintendo 3DS XL

Fun Fact 1: Got this baby for X-Mas in 2012.

Fun Fact 2: My 3DS Library is the smallest out of all of my handhelds.

Fun Fact 3: I mainly play my DS titles on the 3DS.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
Super Street Fighter VI - 3D Edition
Super Smash Bros 3DS
Mario Kart 7
Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (downloaded it via virtual console)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (downloaded it via virtual console)
Excitebike 3D (downloaded it via 3ds shop)
Mighty Final Fight (downloaded it via virtual console)
Sony Playstation 3

Fun Fact 1: Got the PS3 for X-Mas of 2013.

Fun Fact 2: The PS3 is the last console I own...for now,at least.

Fun Fact 3: My PS3 Library is small,not as small as my 3DS Library,but still small.

Games List (in the order that I got 'em):
WWE '12 (x-mas gift)
WWE '13 (x-mas gift)
Soul Calibur V (x-mas gift)
Super Street Fighter II - HD Remix (downloaded it via the playstation store)
WWE 2k14 (x-mas gift)
Marvel v Capcom Origins - Demo (downloaded it via the playstation store)
Virtua Fighter V (downloaded it via the playstation store)
FirePro Wrestling Returns (downloaded it via the playstation store) 
Cheat Devices

Just for fun,I'll list the cheat devices that I own (and used to own).

Fun Fact 1: My first exposure to cheat devices came in 1990,with the NES Game Genie.

Fun Fact 2: I used to have the Game Boy and Game Gear Game Genie's,but I lost them.

Device List (in the order that I got 'em):
NES Game Genie (b-day gift)
Genesis Game Genie (x-mas gift)
SNES Gsme Genie (x-mas gift)
Game Boy Game Genie (b-day gift)
Game Gear Game Genie (b-day gift)
PS1 Game Shark (x-mas gift)
Game Boy/Game Boy Color Game Shark (bought at gamestop)
PS1 Codebreaker (bought at gamestop)
Game Cube Action Replay (bought at gamestop)
PS2 Codebreaker (bought at gamestop)
Atari 2600

Since we have some more time,how about I share some of the games I had for the Atari 2600.

Fun Fact 1: I was introduced to Atari (as well as gaming) at a relatives house when I was a kid. I think it was way back in 1984.

Fun Fact 2: I had doubles (and even triples) of Atari games.

Fun Fact 3: I no longer own an Atari 2600.

Games List (in random order):
Pac-Man (owned 3)
Adventure (owned 2)
Superman (owned 2)
Pole Position (owned 1)
Chopper Command (owned 1)
Pitfall (owned 2)
Centipede (owned 2)
Space Invaders (owned 2)
Donkey Kong (owned 1)
Asteroids (owned 1)
Mario Bros. (owned 1)
Q-Bert (owned 1)
Arcade Pinball (owned 1)
Joust (owned 2)
Frogger (owned 2)
Millipede (owned 1)
Missile Command (owned 1)
Indy 500 (owned 1)

Well that about does it for now. Hopefully,I'll be updating this blog more often. I have tons of content I wanna publish.

Until Next Time,
See Ya,Space Cowboy

Friday, May 12, 2017


This is a Special Announcement. I will be porting over content from my old blog 'The American Cartoon Federation'. I'm even gonna touch them up,so they can look better. And don't be surprised if I add some new stuff to said posts.

I'm gonna start soon. Anyway,thanks for being patient with Me. I know activity for this site has been slower than molasses,but I assure you that will change very soon and new content will be uploaded weekly.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

WWE Redo - 1993

Imagine if you had a time machine and could go back to any point in history. Imagine if you were a person with mind controling powers. You could change history. Change it for the better or for the worse.

If I had those things,I'd change the course of the #1 name in Wrestling: The WWE. I'd go back in time to one of WWE's periods and use my mind controling abilities on Vince McMahon,where I'd make him change the company for the better. With that said,Retro Talk is proud to present: WWE Redo.

Here are the changes I'd have McMahon make in 1993:

- Wrestlemania XI was concidered one of the worst 'Mania's in terms if booking. Well let's change things up shall we. Tatanka defeats Shawn Michaels for the Intercontenental Championship,thus establishing his Wrestlemania Moment (he'll lose it to Michaels at the king of the ring). Crush defeats Doink in a big way,ending their fued. Mr.Perfect defeats The Narcissist Lex Luger. The Undertaker defeats Giant Gonzalez via pinfall,thus ending their feud. Money Inc defeats The Mega Maniacs,via IRS's briefcase. Yokozuna defeats Bret Hart for the title,And Hogan is nowhere in sight.

- Hogan challenges Yokozuna for the title on RAW,but Fuji wants to humiliate Hogan at a bigger venue...namely The King of the Ring. After a big loss at the hands of Crush,Doink desides to target someone else....The Undertaker. Doink and The Undertaker begin their Joker v Batman-esque fued (which ends at summerslam in a casket match). Instead of Crush v Shawn Michaels for the IC Belt at the King of the Ring,it's Tatanka v Michaels for the gold. HBK wins cleanly. Hogan fights and loses to Yokozuna. Soon,Hogan leaves the WWE. Bret Hart still wins the 1993 King of the Ring,so that hasn't changed.

At SummerSlam,The Undertaker fights and defeats Doink in a Casket Match,ending their feud. Jerry "the King Lawler" was in Doinks corner. Speaking of Lawler,earlier in the show he faught Bret Hart (right off the bat,this time) and one by DQ,when Hart refused to release the Sharpshooter. Lex Luger defeats Yokozuna and wins the WWE World Title (though he loses it to Yokozuna at the Survivor Series,thanks to Fuji and Cornette). Giant Gonzalez stays with the WWE until Early December. Gonzalez stays a heel,btw.

- The Headshrinkers,and NOT the Quebecers,defeat the Steiner Brothers for the WWE Tag Titles. Steiners win them back in December. This is one of the most Important changes,as the 1st Dark Era of The WWE Tag Division,won't be as dark. Also Ludvig Borga feuds with Tatanka,Not Lex Luger. And Crush's heel turn is posponed until after The Royal Rumble. Speaking of turns,Doink becomes a Babyface soon after SummerSlam.

- At the Survivor Series,things go as planned,except for a few things: Yokozuna fights Lex Luger and beats him for the title,thanks to Mr.Fuji and Jim Cornette. The Foreign Fanatics v All American's match is NOT the Main Event,Plus each team has different members. The Fanatics have: The Quebecers,Ludvig Borga,and Giant Gonzalez. The All Americans have: The Steiner Bros.,The Undertaker,and Tatanka. Also the teams are renamed to Borga's Brutes and Tatanka's Braves.

- The Doinks v Team Bam Bam is a more serious affair and the show's Only 5-on-5 match. Men on a Mission and The Bushwackers wrestle as themselves,with Doink the only one dressed as...well,Doink. The 5th member of Team Bam Bam is the Brooklyn Brawler. Oh,BTW,Bastian Booger is the first one eliminated from that match. Also,The Doinks are renamed to Team Doink.

- The night after the Surviver Series,it is revealed to Cornette,Fuji,and Yokozuna that the Undertaker has been named the #1 contender for the WWF Championship at the Royal Rumble.

- Yokozuna,fearing the Undertaker,tries to put him on the shelf before the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker-Yokozuna feud begins.

- In December,The Headshrinkers lose the tag titles to The Steiner Bros (who defend them against the Harts at the '94 Royal Rumble,but lose them to the Quebecers in febuary). Feeling that he had been cheated out of his title at Surviver Series,Lex Luger announcess his entry into the 1994 Royal Rumble. Jack "The Figurehead President" Tunney grants him entry,right off the bat.

And with that,the Course of WWE has changed for the better in 1993. An interesting idea,for sure. Expect more like this in the future. Trust me,I have plans for more WWE Redo's.

Until next time,RetroHeadz,God Bless and Stay Gold.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Retro Gamer Weekdayz - Punch-Out (NES)

Wazzup,my Retro Headz,welcome to the Season Finale of Retro Gamer Weekdayz. Today,I'm gonna be reviewing Punch-Out for the NES,brought to us by Nintendo.  The version I'll be reviewing is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out,though it really doesn't matter,since both versions are the same,just with different final opponents.

Story - Little Mac wants to be the greatest boxer ever,so he enters the WVBA (world video boxing association) to compete against the best Boxers in the world.

Concept - You are Little Mac, fighting his way up through ranks of the World Video Boxing Association. After beating a series of opponents in 3 circuits,you will face off against either Mike Tyson or Mr.Dream (depending on which version you're playing) in the "Dream Fight".

This is the final fight and when you win it,you beat the game.

Little Mac has a limited moveset compared to most of his opponents. His punches are limited to jabs,body blows, and the powerful super uppercut.

The uppercut can only be used once the player earns a star, which is typically accomplished by counter-punching the opponent directly before or after certain attacks are launched. The player can acquire up to three stars.

Little Mac also has a heart counter, which decreases upon being hit, blocking a punch, or throwing a punch that the opponent dodges or blocks. When the counter decreases to zero, Little Mac temporarily gets exhausted, leaving the player unable to attack but still able to dodge, duck, and block.

Mac can regain hearts by avoiding the opponent's punches.

A bout can end by a knockout (KO),a technical knockout (TKO), or by a decision, if the bout lasts 3 full rounds without a clear winner.

In order to win by decision, the player must get a high enough score. the total needed varies from boxer to boxer. However, If the opponent isn't knocked down at all during the fight,the decision will Always go to your opponent.

Mac can only get up 3 times during any one bout. If he's knocked down a 4th time,it'll constitute as a TKO and the opponent will get the win. Game Over if that happens.

After completing a Circuit,the player will be treated to a cutscene of Little Mac being trained by Doc Lewis. You'll also get a Password.

The password system allows you to skip circuits and even take you to the final fight against Mike Tyson/Mr.Dream.

One last thing,if you rapidly hit select during the intermissions,you'll regain some lost health.

Controls - Ok,to the controls. Little Mac can bodyblow,jab,block,duck,and use the super uppercut. The super uppercut can only be preformed if the player has stars. To execute the uppercut,press select.

As for the controls themselves,they're excellent. Great hit detection and response.

Design - The graphics are pretty good for the NES. The ring and "arena" changes color with each Circuit.

Music and Sound - The Sound FX are nostalgic. The soundtrack itself is very memorable and fun to listen too.

Challenge - The game features a decent challenge with the later opponents,with the final 3 being the toughest. Mr.Dream/Mike Tyson can easily knock you down within 2 hits.

Trivia - Now for the trivia. Punch-Out was originally a series of arcade titles (2 in fact)

Initially,Punch-Out was a special prize given to japanese gamers who were able to complete the game 'Golf: US Course Famicom Tournament'. This version of the game lacked the Dream Fight and has Super Macho Man as the final opponent.

The licence with Mike Tyson expired sometime in 1990. So instead of renewing the contract and paying Tyson more money for use of his likeness,Nintendo re-rekeased the game as just Punch-Out and replaced Tyson with Mr.Dream.

The Non-Tyson version of the game is the one purchasable on Virual Consoles.

Believe it or not,Mike Tyson himself never actually played the game until 2014.

And finally,Soda Popinski's laugh was reused for Ganon's laugh in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Bad Aspect - I can't think of much,as this game is really solid. Maybe the Only bad thing would be the reuse of boxers. Didn't like fighting Bald Bull twice.

Good Aspect - The play controls are great,the music is good,and each opponent is unique. I love this game.

Replay Value - This game has great replay value. It's just so much fun to play. I highly recommend this game.

Final Score - Retro Talk gives Punch-Out for the NES a solid 9/10.

Well,my Retro Headz,that about does it for this season of Retro Gamer Weekdayz. If you wanna see a retro game featured,let me know in the comment section. If I played it,I'll review it.

Until next season,God Bless and Happy Gaming.